How to reset the Hikvision DVR password

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Hikvision is one of the top DVRs for surveillance systems, coming with top-notch security features. Unfortunately, the heightened security makes it a nightmare if you have forgotten your password.

But worry not! It is possible to reset the password for your DVR and once again access your CCTV system.

So, how do you go about resetting the Hikvision DVR password?

To reset your Hikvision DVR password, you can either reset the DVR to factory settings and then use the default password or you can use a password code generator or tools that exploit Hikvision software vulnerabilities.

Here’s a detailed look into these methods.

How to reset Hikvision DVR password without the internet

One of the ways to reset Hikvision DVR is offline with the device only connected to a local network. This is made possible using SADP (Search Active Device Protocol), a utility tool that allows users to manage Hikvision devices.

When launched the tool, searches the network for any devices – cameras, DVRs, and video servers, and then displays their information. You can use this tool to reset your DVR password in case you forget it.

Below is a look at the reset process:

  1. Download and install the SADP tool on your computer
  2. Connect the PC to the same LAN network as your Hikvision DVR and launch the tool
  3. The tool will automatically scan and display all the Hikvision devices.
  4. Identify your DVR (through serial number) and tick the box on the left side of the device to proceed with the reset
  5. A pop-up tab will appear with the DVR information. Click on the “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the tab
  6. Click on the Export tab to save the DVR’s reset file on your PC. Send the file to Hikvision support ( or the dealer you purchased the DVR from and request a password reset file or code.
  7. After receiving the file or code, return to the SADP tool and import the file (or input the code). You should then proceed to create a new password for your system.
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Sending a reset file to Hikvision support is a lengthy method and your purchase must be verified before they can send you a reset file or code.

However, there is another option available – generating the reset code yourself using your serial number.

How to reset the Hikvision DVR password from serial number

For this method, you will need to find your device’s serial number – on the sticker at the bottom panel of the DVR. You will also need the actual date (year, month, and day) that your DVR is showing.

On top of that, you will need to have the SADP tool downloaded on a PC connected to the DVR local network.

With all these requirements, you can then proceed to find a reliable Hikvision DVR password reset code generator. has a good reset tool that you can use.

Enter the serial number and date information into the tool and note down the code generated.

Launch the SADP tool, select your DVR and click on forgot password. Then, enter the code and proceed to reset the password.

Reset the Hikvision DVR to factory settings

Another way to reset your DVR password is to restore is to perform a factory reset. This will wipe everything – including the password – and restore it to default settings.

There are several ways to factory reset a Hikvision DVR. The first one is using a hard reset button if your device has one. Simply press on the button until the system restarts then set up again by logging in with the default password.

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The next way to reset a Hikvision DVR is to remove the device’s CMOS battery. The battery powers the BIOS settings, and removing it will reset the DVR – including the default password.

To factory reset by removing the battery:

  • Power off your DVR and unplug it from the power outlet
  • Open the screws at the back panel and remove the cover
  • Find the CMOS battery (round-shaped, silvery, and nickel-like located on the device’s motherboard) and remove it
  • Plug back in the DVR and power it on (without the battery)
  • Once it has booted, power it off, unplug, replace the battery and then power it on again
  • The DVR will then ask you to enter a password (the default password)
Hikvision 16-channel DVR
Image: Hikvision

What is the default password for Hikvision DVR?

After doing a factory reset you will need to enter the default password for your DVR. But do you remember it or have you also forgotten it?

Worry not if you can’t remember. The Hikvision DVR default password is universal and easy to find. All of the company’s DVRs and NVRs use the default password of 12345. In case you are asked for a username, enter “admin”.


Forgetting your Hikvision DVR password is a scary experience; you will be locked from nearly all functions of your surveillance system. Luckily, it is possible to reset the password and gain back your administrative status.

The above are some of the top solutions on how to restore your device’s password, whether by creating a new one or restoring the default.

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In case these methods don’t work, contact your nearest dealer or Hikvision support center for additional troubleshooting.

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