Wyze cam not recording events? How to fix

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Are you experiencing a problem with Wyze cam event recording? Here, you’ll find the answers you need to fix the issue and start recording again.

Wyze Cam is an excellent home security camera. Instead of recording everything every single minute of what is happening, it utilizes an event recording feature.

This means that the camera only records and saves to cloud storage when it detects either movement or sound. Unfortunately, from time to time, this function can fail, leaving you in the dark in the event something happens.

So, what causes Wyze cam event recording to fail? Usually, this will happen if you have not activated motion detection settings.

However, other factors such as glitches in firmware, hardware failure, motion detection sensitivity, and others can cause the issue.

Luckily, the problem can be fixed – you just need to find its cause. Below, we take a look at the top causes of missing events on Wyze Cam and solutions you can deploy.

Why is Wyze cam not recording events?

These are some of the top reasons why your Wyze cam is not recording to the cloud and how to fix them:

1. Motion detection settings are not activated

For event recording to happen, motion detection settings must be activated. If you failed to do this during set-up, your camera will not record.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is activate the event recording. Below is a look at how to set Wyze cam to record an event:

  • Launch the Wyze camp app and make sure your camera is connected
  • On the app dashboard, click on the Settings icon (top-right corner)
  • Under settings, go to “Event Recording” and activate motion and sound detection
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With both motion and sound detection activated, your camera will start recording when events are detected.

2. Low motion detection sensitivity

Have you set up event recording but your Wyze cam is not detecting motion? This is another issue that you might experience with the security camera.

More often than not, it is caused by low motion detection sensitivity. As a result, the camera dismisses movements that are detected, causing it not to record.

The solution to this is quite simple – just adjust the detection sensitivity for your camera. To do this:

  • Launch the Wyze cam app and go to settings
  • Go to detection settings and adjust the sensitivity slider

Wyze Cam detection settings

Note: While low sensitivity will cause motions to be dismissed, high sensitivity will cause detection of even the smallest movements. For example, pets, light changes, etc.

Therefore, it is best to set the sensitivity level to medium and then adjust upwards or downwards depending on what is recorded.

3. Wrong camera placement

My Wyze cam outdoor is not recording events! What could be the issue? Well, there is another likely reason why your events are missing – you’ve placed the camera in the wrong location.

For events to be recorded, your camera must have a view of where the motion or sound originates from. If this is not the case, say, for example, if your camera is blocked by an obstacle, it might not record.

The recording might also fail if the movement is too far away from the camera, and thus not picked up by the motion/sound sensors.

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The way to fix this is to ensure that your camera is installed in a convenient location, where it has a clear view of the area you want to record. You also need to make sure that it is as close as possible to ensure that motion is detected.

Aside from positioning your camera optimally, you might also want to adjust the detection zone settings on the camera app.

The settings designate an area from the camera’s view where the recording will be triggered if motion or sound is detected.

You can access the zone settings by launching the app then go to Settings > Detection settings > Detection Zone.

Wyze Cam detection zone

4. Firmware glitch

Firmware glitches are another reason why your camera might not detect and/or trigger motion. The glitches usually occur due to outdated firmware. Fortunately, the solution is simple – you just need to update the firmware.

To update the firmware:

  • Go to the Wyze cam app and click on the Settings icon
  • Go to Device Info and select firmware version

The app will check if there is a new version of the firmware. If there is, an update prompt will appear. Click confirm to download and install the firmware.

Note: Glitches can also occur after updating firmware, which is why you are likely to find that your Wyze cam won’t record events after an update. In this case, the best course of action is to uninstall the app and reinstall it afresh.


A Wyze cam that is not recording can cause you to miss out on important events that impact your safety and security. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your camera is configured properly.

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If there is an issue with the set-up, or any other problem affecting event recording, the above information can help. Simply troubleshoot your camera and app to find out what is wrong, then follow the steps above to fix the issue.

However, if these solutions don’t work, you should get in touch with Wyze customer support for additional help.

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