Can you book 2 Airbnb units at the same time?

You may want to book multiple Airbnb units simultaneously if you have a larger group or would like to extend your stay at a particular apartment. Also, one may want to book multiple units because their current unit is small and may not accommodate extra individuals.

But can you book two Airbnb units simultaneously, and what happens if you accidentally book two Airbnbs?

Does Airbnb allow double booking?

It is possible to book two Airbnb units at the same time. According to Airbnb booking rules, you can book another unit while you have an active reservation elsewhere.

The system allows for booking two places that overlap dates. Also, if you have one reservation ending and another starting within four days, and the locations are not far apart, they will be bundled under a single trip in the Airbnb app.

However, understand that booking two Airbnb units at the same time may not always be straightforward. Each property on Airbnb is unique, and hosts have different rules and requirements for their guests.

Some hosts may not allow guests to book overlapping stays, while others may require a minimum stay or have specific check-in and check-out times. Therefore, you must carefully read each property’s listing and communicate with the hosts to avoid potential issues.

Additionally, you must ensure that the check-in and check-out times do not overlap to avoid potential conflicts or issues with the hosts. Airbnb does have a one-reservation-per-trip policy, which means that guests cannot make multiple reservations for the same trip or stay.

How do I book 2 Airbnb at the same time?

You can book two units if you are travelling with a large party.
You can book two units if you are travelling with a large party. Image: Freepik

One way to book multiple Airbnb units simultaneously is to use the Request to Book feature. The feature allows guests to request a reservation to the host for a particular listing.

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Once you send a booking request to the host, the host can accept or decline the request.

If you are booking two or more Airbnb units, you can send a request to each host and wait for their response. You can proceed with your booking if you receive confirmation from both hosts.

The Request to Book feature is particularly useful when the host has not enabled the Instant Book option for their listing.

It allows guests to communicate with the host and ask any necessary questions before making a reservation, giving them an advantage when booking two Airbnbs at the same time.

Does Airbnb impose a multiple reservations charge?

Airbnb does not impose a multiple reservation charge for making two or more reservations. However, hosts may charge additional fees for extra guests or other services.

Therefore, before making a reservation, it is important to review the listing details and communicate with the host to understand any potential extra charges.

What should I do if I accidentally booked two Airbnb units?

If you accidentally booked 2 Airbnbs, the first step is to check the cancellation policy of the listings, contact the hosts to explain the situation and request a refund for one of the bookings.

If the host is unresponsive or unwilling to refund, contact Airbnb support for assistance.

You can cancel one reservation if you accidentally made two bookings.
You can cancel one reservation if you accidentally made two bookings. Image: Freepik/

Airbnb’s policy on accidental bookings is that they cannot issue refunds. Instead, they can contact the host on your and request the cancellation and refund.

In some cases, Airbnb has given full refunds when the host has remained unresponsive, but this has been entirely at their discretion.

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However, Airbnb defers the host’s discretion in handling accidental bookings and refund requests, and there is no refund guarantee.

Have you tried booking two Airbnb units simultaneously, and what was the experience?


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