Why your Airbnb listing is not showing (and ways to fix it)

As an Airbnb host, ensuring the visibility of your listing is crucial for attracting potential guests and maximizing your earnings. However, it can be frustrating when your Airbnb listing is not showing or does not appear in search results despite your efforts.

Understanding the reasons behind this issue and implementing effective solutions is essential for improving the visibility of your Airbnb listing.

For example, high competition in your location could explain why your Airbnb listing fails to appear in search results.

Here are other reasons your Airbnb listing is now showing and ways to fix it.

1. Error in the Airbnb algorithms

Airbnb uses a complex algorithm to generate search results that appeal to guests. The algorithm sorts through millions of Airbnb listings to find the right listings for each guest based on various factors, including location, price, availability, and guest preferences.

However, Airbnb algorithms can also prevent your listing from appearing in search results. One motivation for this is an error in the algorithm. Airbnb algorithms may deliberately hide listings due to factors like the number of reviews, ratings, and booking speed.

Additionally, when you submit a new listing to the Airbnb platform, it is essentially an empty vessel that carries no data. Without any data, the search algorithm has no idea how good the new listing is and fails to display it.

Thus, it gives itself a few weeks or months to learn about the listing by showing it prominently to users randomly. Give the algorithm time to show off your listings to others.

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Also, it is possible that your listing is stuck without anybody or any monitoring system being aware. In such cases, contacting Airbnb support can be helpful.

2. Airbnb has removed your listing

Your Airbnb listing is not showing because Airbnb unlisted your listing. But why did Airbnb unlist your listing?

Airbnb may unlist or remove a listing for several reasons, including guest complaints, tax or permit issues, and affiliation with banned or blocked accounts.

If Airbnb has removed, unlisted, or suspended your listing, contact the support team to determine why and address the issue. You may also need to change the listing or resolve any issues before the platform can reinstate your listing.

3. You have snoozed your listing

The Snooze button in Airbnb is a feature that allows hosts to temporarily remove their listing from search results without having to delete it entirely. You may have pressed this button to make updates to your listing.

When you snooze a listing, it is not visible to guests, and they cannot book it. You can reactivate the snooze button to get your listing to show up on Airbnb.

Unsnoozing your listing will make it visible to the guests again.

Return to the Booking Settings section and change the status from Snoozed to Listed. The listing will then be visible to guests, allowing them to book again. It is worth noting that snoozing a listing may impact its visibility in search results after reactivating.

4. Competition from other listings

Your Airbnb listing is not showing because of competition from other listings in your location. When there is high competition in your area, this can push your listing down in search results.

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In such cases, ensure your listing description, title, and amenities are accurately and comprehensively presented. Also, incorporate relevant keywords, persuasive meta descriptions, and high-quality images to enhance your listing’s visibility in search results.

You can also make your listing more visible on Airbnb by engaging with potential guests through social media promotion. Alternatively, use personalized communication to attract a broader audience.

5. Your listing fields are incomplete

You must complete all fields before publishing your listing. If some fields in the listing are incomplete, Airbnb may not publish the listing. As a result, your listing will not be visible in search results.

If you can’t see your listing on Airbnb, check if you have completed the listing fields. Also, ensure all details are accurate before publishing.

6. Technical glitches

Airbnb may be going through some technical glitches that have prevented your listing from appearing in search results. The glitches may also have prevented the platform from publishing your listing. You can contact Airbnb support or wait until the platform restores the service.

How long does it take for an Airbnb listing to show?

Listings are usually visible within 24 hours. However, it may take up to 72 hours for some listings to appear in search results.

Some hosts have also reported delays of up to six hours between publishing a listing and when it appears in search results. A new listing may not appear in search results for a few days or weeks.

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