How to reset your Swann DVR password

Tim Vickers

If you are using a Swann DVR, you understand that the most challenging part is to change the password. That is not a straightforward process.

It is not the same as changing a password to your email address. You must go through a specific process to change the CCTV password for your Swann digital system.

You cannot disable a user’s password on the DVR. Instead, you can only put a limit on the user account by setting several permissions. When you buy a Swann DVR, you will have to generate a password on start-up.

However, there are exceptions if you are using an older system because it has a default password. But how do you reset Swann DVR password?

Here are some steps to follow. But first, you should:

  • Connect your recorder to a router or modem
  • Connect your computer screen and monitor to the recorder
  • Connect your computer to the same network as your recorder

If you’ve done the above, follow the steps below to reset your Swann DVR password:

1. Get a Reset Code

To get a reset code for your Swann camera system:

  • Download and install Swann’s Device Configuration Tool. It is a software utility for downloading the Swann operating system and setting up the password.
  • After installation on your computer, open the software to see your device type on the list.

If you cannot see your device type, click on the Search button, and input its name.

2. Reset your Password

To reset:

  • Go to your recorder’s login screen.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • In Step One above, scroll to the right to find your MAC address. It is a 12-digit code separated by hyphens.
  • Use the MAC address as the recovery code. You should replace the dashes (-) with colons (:). E.g., if the MAC address is AB-12-CD-34-56-78, replace it with AB:12:CD:34:56:78 in the Swann super password. Ensure all the letters are in UPPERCASE.
  • Click OK.
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A new screen will appear that requests you to set a new password.

3. Set up a new password

After clicking OK, a Startup Wizard window will open up. It is a window that will request you to create a new password using at least six characters.

  • Enter the username as Admin.
  • Enter a new password. It should be at least six characters long.
  • Confirm the new password.
  • Click Next and continue with the rest of the Setup Wizard by following the prompts or canceling it altogether.

Note that the reset code cannot work in the Startup Wizard. It will only work in the above steps after clicking on Forgot Password.

4. Login

After canceling the wizard:

  • Open the Right-Click Menu
  • Select Main Menu to access the login window
  • Enter the username in the Admin section and the reset code

Your recorder will reboot to indicate you have successfully reset your password. The reboot will not reset Swann DVR to factory default.

A new window will open up that allows you to enter a starting password after the restart.

You must always use a new password whenever you reset the old one. The 12-digit reset code cannot work when logging in to your recorder. It is not a default password for Swann DVR.

If you experience any problems after following the steps above, contact the technical support team.


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