VRBO second payment is not made by guests? Next steps

Many VRBO hosts allow multiple instalment payments for a booking instead of a guest making one full payment. However, a host can find themselves in a situation where the VRBO second payment is not made by guests.

It can be frustrating when guests do not make their second VRBO payment. And if the issue is not resolved, a host might be forced to cancel the booking, which can be inconvenient.

Therefore, it is essential to address this issue promptly and efficiently to ensure a smooth booking experience. Below, we discuss the steps you should take if a guest’s second payment is not made.

1. Contact the guest

The first step is to contact the guest through the platform’s messaging system or other contact methods to remind them of the payment obligation. Politely ask them to make the payment or explain the missed payment.

Many guests have been in a situation where they did not receive a payment email from VRBO or did not open their emails. Thus, they were unaware of it or forgot to make a second payment on VRBO.

Also, some guests think VRBO automatically charges their credit card for their second payment. Technically, VRBO does not automatically charge the credit card for the second payment. But that does not mean you will face a problem with VRBO not paying owners.

The guest could also be experiencing challenges on their end. For example, the payment link may have failed, or their card declined.

Therefore, reaching out to the guest is essential to ensure the completion of the transaction and avoid any booking issues. You can proactively communicate with the guest to resolve payment discrepancies and maintain a smooth booking process.

The best way to contact the guest is through phone calls or text messages.

2. Check the payment settings

Check your payment settings to ensure everything is set up correctly in the VRBO system. The number of days may not be due based on your settings.

Check that your payment settings are set up correctly if having issues with guest payments.
Check that your payment settings are set up correctly if you are having issues with guest payments. Image: Freepik

VRBO allows guests to set up a payment schedule that allows them to specify the payment amount they require to confirm a booking. Thus, you can request 100% at the time of booking or set up multiple payments that can be scheduled for future dates. Here is how:

  • Log in to your VRBO account.
  • Select the listing you want to edit.
  • Select the Calendar icon in the left navigation menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Payment Terms.
  • If you want 100% of the payment at booking, select 1 under number of payments.
  • If you allow multiple payments, select 2 or 3 under number of payments.
  • Enter the percentage due under each payment schedule.
  • Select the desired number of days the payment is due before check-in.
  • Select Save.

The guest’s first payment is the percentage you set, plus any applicable taxes and fees for the entire reservation.

Once you review your settings, you will understand why your guest has not made the second payment. Also, if you have set up a payment schedule, ensure the guest knows the payment amounts and due dates.

3. Access payment details

You can view the payment details section in each booking to see the amount paid by the guest and any remaining balances. This will help you track the guest’s payments and identify any discrepancies.

4. Change your reservation to a single-day

One trick some hosts use is to change the reservation to a single day but within the no-refund period. That allows them to open up their calendar.

5. Check the payment policy

On VRBO, if the guest has not paid in full as of 55 days before check-in, that is considered the same as a cancellation by the guest. Therefore, the host keeps their money and opens the dates to see if they can get it booked by someone else.

However, if the host cancels the reservation for non-payment, they may get dinged. They may not be entitled to a refund, or VRBO payment to the owner may not come through.

By checking the payment policy, you can determine whether to cancel the booking or wait until the guest makes a payment.

6. Contact VRBO

If guests do not make a second payment or the payment won’t go through on VRBOcontact VRBO for further assistance. They can help you resolve the issue and provide guidance on the next steps.

Does VRBO automatically take out a second payment?

VRBO does not automatically charge the credit card for the second payment. A few days before the due date, guests will receive an email with a link to make the payment.

They will need to re-enter their card information to complete the transaction. If the payment is not made, the host must follow up with the guest and take appropriate action.

What steps did you take when guests did not make VRBO’s second payment?


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