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Duolingo widget

All Duo Faces on the Duolingo Widget and What They Mean

The Duolingo owl mascot, Duo, is a master of motivation through its expressive range of emotions displayed on the app’s home screen widget.  Each of its 25 different faces corresponds to a specific message, gently encouraging, sternly reminding, or even guilt-tripping you to stay engaged with your language learning journey.  Let’s decode Duo’s many moods and their meanings. List of All the Duo Faces on the Duolingo Widget and Their Meanings Here is a list of all the 25 Duo ...

WhatsApp logo

How WhatsApp Filters Can Help Declutter Your Inbox

At a glance: WhatsApp has introduced a useful new feature to help users manage the growing number of conversations on the platform – chat filters.  As messaging with friends, family, and coworkers increases, finding specific chats can become challenging.  Filters provide an effective solution by allowing quick access to conversations without scrolling endlessly. The Introduction of WhatsApp Chat Filters WhatsApp saw messaging habits evolving and saw the need to introduce filters. As more conversations occurred daily across various topics and ...


What is an Instagram follow train?

Instagram has over one billion users. For this reason, many brands use the platform to grow their businesses, and individuals use it to increase their social presence. While you cannot improve your presence on Instagram if you do not have enough followers, getting them is not as easy as before. One solution that may work for you is the Instagram follow train.   An Instagram train is a group of users that follow each other on the platform. The users share ...