What is Amazon Courtesy Credit? Everything you should know

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Many people love shopping on Amazon because the e-commerce store makes it easy to get what you want. You can buy an item from any location, receive deals on specific products, and get gifts for the holidays.

Also, you can order and get your package within your preferred timeline. But there are times when your items arrive late. When such a bad experience happens, Amazon follows up with an email informing you that you are eligible for a Courtesy Credit of a specific amount.

But what is an Amazon Courtesy Credit? How do you get it, and what can you purchase once the store credits it to your account?

Amazon has never promoted or explained the Courtesy Credit to its customers. As a result, shoppers are often confused when trying to figure out what it is all about.

Here is everything you should know about it.

What is an Amazon Courtesy Credit?

The Amazon Courtesy Credit is a form of a compensatory item given to users who have had a bad experience shopping on the Amazon eCommerce store.

However, Amazon does not issue it to everybody unless you have raised a valid complaint.

Furthermore, Amazon has full discretion on the amount of money it can give to a shopper. The only way you will hear about it is through an email sent to you or through an in-app notification.

Once Amazon validates your issue, they will credit the amount to your account.

How to get an Amazon Courtesy Credit

Generally, there is no sure way of getting the Courtesy Credit because its issuance is at the discretion of Amazon.com.

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The e-commerce giant will only credit your account with the money if you are eligible or satisfy some conditions.

These may include:

  • The delivery of the item you purchased took longer to arrive after the estimated delivery date elapsed.
  • The information used to track your order number is not available after the shipment. In this case, make a complaint after the estimated delivery date elapses.
  • You paid for gift-wrapping when purchasing the product. But upon arrival, you receive the item with damaged or no wrapping.
  • You received a broken item.
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In some cases, users have received the Courtesy Credit because they did not get the best customer service experience.

But before you can receive the amount, Amazon will conduct an investigation that involves checking your shopping history and why you did not receive the best service from its representatives.

How much is the Amazon Courtesy Credit?

The amount Amazon gives to its customers as a Courtesy Credit is discretionary. However, it ranges between $1 and $50. Most people have been receiving an average of $10 in their accounts.

A higher amount will depend on the severity of the case.

How do I find my Amazon Courtesy Credit?

You can find where Amazon credited your account with the money using the following methods:

You will see all your credit balances displayed. If you cannot see an item labeled as Courtesy Credit, it means you do not have any, or you did not qualify to get it.

Also, you can use the same steps to check your Amazon promotional credit balance.

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What can you use Amazon promotional credit for?

You can use the Amazon promotional credit to buy items on the Amazon website. However, the e-commerce store only allows you to purchase eligible products.

The products must also be those that Amazon ships to its users.

If you try to order anything listed on the website, but a third party provides and ships it, you will be unable to pay for it using the Courtesy Credit.

As long as you get an item that qualifies, Amazon will deduct it automatically when you check out.

Does the Amazon Courtesy Credit expire?

Amazon does not have any terms and conditions regarding the credit. That means it is hard to determine whether it has an expiration date or not.

But like other balances, it does not expire.

The Courtesy Credit is not the same as coupon codes that expire. Once the online retailer credits it into your account, it will remain there until you use it.

Does Amazon refund Courtesy Credit?

Amazon does not refund the Courtesy Credit. Therefore, you need to spend it well to avoid losing it.

In most cases, you will not receive a refund if you add some of the money to the total amount you want to purchase an item.

For example, consider a situation where you want to pay for a product worth $55 using both your credit card and Courtesy Credit amount. The balance on your Courtesy Credit is $10.

You then decide to pay $50 from your credit card and use $5 from your Courtesy Credit balance. If you apply for a refund after purchasing the product, you may only receive $55 on your credit card.

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In other words, once Amazon applies the Courtesy Credit for any eligible item after shipment, it will not refund you the amount.

But if you cancel the order before the shipment, the company may opt to reverse the Courtesy Credit. However, understand that everything is discretionary at this point.

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What is the difference between Courtesy Credit and Amazon Promotional Credit?

The Amazon Courtesy Credit applies to products sold on Amazon and shipped by the online retailer.

Customers get it after experiencing a bad shopping experience on the platform. The amount issued is at the discretion of the retailer.

Amazon Promotional credit, on the other hand, applies to specific items that are part of the retailer’s ongoing promotional activities.

Customers receive it by adding a qualifying item described in the offer to their shopping cart. However, one will only get the reward if they add a qualifying item sold and shipped by Amazon.com.


So, what is Amazon Courtesy Credit? Amazon has never promoted or explained the Courtesy Credit to its customers.

However, it is a form of a compensatory item given to customers who have had a bad experience shopping on the platform. Amazon only gives it to customers at its discretion.

That means there is no sure way of getting it.

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