How to Fix Shein Tracking That is Not Updating

Some customers encounter frustration when their Shein tracking fails to update. As a result, it leads to uncertainty about the status of their orders. 

Several factors can explain why your Shein tracking is not updating.

For example, delays in the shipping process, system crashes, shipping methods, and potential glitches in the tracking system are possible reasons.

Once you determine why your Shein tracking is not updating, it becomes easier to find a solution. Try the following fixes to see if you get a solution.

1. Check the Order Status

Your Shein tracking is not updating because it is still in the initial or final shipping stages. Generally, the order may be under Processing, Shipped, or Delivered. Here is how to check:

  • Log in to your Shein account.
  • Click on Orders.
  • Go to Recently Viewed.
  • Check if the order status is Processing, Shipped, or Delivered

If your order status reads Processing, wait until the process completes. However, if it reads Shipped, select Track to check the status of your package. 

But if the status reads Delivered, it has already been delivered to the local courier. All you have to do is go and sign it.

You may also find yourself in a situation where you can see your product on the tracking map. However, the Shein package is stuck in transit and not updating any location. In this case, you must be patient until you see some movement.

2. Use a Different Tracking Company

Shein uses different shipping and courier companies to deliver its orders. If you enter the tracking code directly into the Shein website and get no results, use a different tracking company. 

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In this case, enter the tracking code into a shipping and courier company affiliated with Shein to see if your tracking information will update. Alternatively, use a universal tracking service. 

In other words, input the tracking number into a universal tracking service to check for updates and gain additional insights into the shipment’s status.

3. Check If the Package Has Been Delivered

Users have been in a situation where their Shein tracking has not been updating for several days. However, their package gets dropped off at the local courier at the estimated delivery time.

Therefore, if the tracking is not updating, but the delivery date has elapsed, go to the local courier and check whether your item has been delivered.

Alternatively, email or call the company for updates and other specifics.

4. Your Order is Out of Stock

Tracking may not update if one of your items on the order is out of stock
Tracking may not update if one of your items on the order is out of stock. Image: kikkerdirk

Is your Shein order taking so long to process? The problem occurs with users who have ordered more than one item.

Sometimes, you order several items and expect them to get shipped. However, in the processing stage, one of the items appears to be out of stock.

When that happens, the shipper will generate a shipment label but not hand over the shipment to the shipping company. It happens if an item in your order is out of stock.

If the item you ordered is out of stock, Shein will not ship the rest of the items in your order. Therefore, contact Shein to either request a refund for the specific item or wait until the other item is in stock.

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If you request a refund for the missing item, Shein will ship the other items in your order.

5. Wait a Little Longer

Sometimes, packages may experience delays for various reasons, including customs processing or transportation issues. Your packages may still arrive, albeit with a delay.

Therefore, consider waiting a little longer to see if your Shein tracking information will update. Also, exercise more patience if the delivery date has not elapsed. 

6. Dispute Your Payment

If you have exhausted all options and your Shein package has not moved in a week, consider disputing the payment with your provider or Shein itself.

Look at the refund and return policy to determine which party will refund your money.

7. Contact Shein Support

Contact Shein support for more information
Contact Shein support for more information. Image: Canva/andresr

Is your Shein package stuck in the Shipped status? If so, contact Shein support services for further information.

Shein could be experiencing glitches in the tracking system, resulting in your tracking information not updating. Also, during periods of high package volume, the tracking system may experience slowdowns or fail to update properly, causing delays in tracking information.

Besides Shein, you can also contact the carrier service, citing the tracking number and delivery address, to obtain more information about the delay and the actual location of the consignment.

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