How much does Plato’s Closet pay for clothes?

Plato’s Closet is an ideal partner if you are decluttering your closet. The store buys slightly used clothes, jeans, shoes, purses, hats, and sunglasses.

Like other outlets that buy used clothes and accessories, the store sales associates decide what to buy and not. Also, they estimate the clothes’ value themselves.

Average cost estimates for different clothes and accessories

As an independent outlet, Plato’s Closet gives its associates the power to evaluate the worth of clothes and accessories.

Therefore, the outlet does not have a pre-determined price-list for items.

How much does Plato’s closet pay for clothes?

Based on Plato’s closet reviews and the store’s tradition, a decent piece of cloth will get you a third of its original value.

For example, if you bought a shirt for $60, the store will buy it for $20. There are some exceptions, especially if the cloth is on-trend and from a reputable fashion brand.

How much does Plato’s Closet pay for purses?

Unlike clothes, the store has a different approach to evaluating the value of purses. Purses and bags do not lose value faster, like clothes. Therefore, a decent purse or regular bag can get up to half of the original cost.

For instance, the selling price for a $200 bag can be $100. It is important to note that the selling price of bags and other accessories is subject to trends, quality, and brand.

Does Plato’s closet buy shoes?

Yes. However, the shoes must be in good condition and, more importantly, from a mainstream brand.

How to sell clothes in Plato’s closet and earn more

While the outlet does not have a preset for determining the value for items, there are ways to make more from your clothes and accessories.

These include:

1. Carry fewer bags

Going to Plato’s Closet with fewer bags gives the sales associate enough time to evaluate your used clothes and items.

Also, overwhelming the associate may cloud their judgment. As a result, they may reject some items or undervalue them.

2. The trendier the items, the better

Although the store will buy items that are in good condition, you are more likely to get more compensation for items on-trend.

The main reason is that it is easier to resell trendier items as they are in high demand.

3. Talk to Plato’s associate prior to your trip to the store.

Whether it is your first time at the store or a frequent seller, you should talk to a representative through their different stores’ representatives.

Ask them about the items on demand at the moment as well as pieces of clothing that the store sells the most.

4. Clean the items before taking them to a Plato’s Closet outlet

Plato’s Closet pay for clothes that are clean and free from stains.

Additionally, cleaning items before taking them to Plato’s Store gives the associate ample time to check them and probably accept them.

5. Prioritize on seasonal items

If you sell sweaters, boots, and scarves in winter or fall, you will earn more money than the other two seasons.

Therefore, sell items that are on demand. Luckily, all stores under Plato’s Closet open throughout the year.


When decluttering your closet, you can earn money by selling items and clothes you do not use.

To sell items on Plato’s Closet, they must be in good quality, trendy, and, more importantly, not faded.

For bags and purses, you need to go with items from a recognizable brand, on fashion. They too should not be faded.

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