What does it mean when Amazon says my package may be lost?

Jason Breton

It’s not every day you get to hear of lost packages from reputable online shopping companies. What’s even more confusing is receiving a notification from Amazon stating your package may be lost.

When you get a message from Amazon that your package may be lost, it means that an error could have occurred between the order’s processing and delivery stages.

In most instances, this happens when a third-party courier service is involved in collecting or delivering the package.

It can also mean that Amazon hasn’t received a report of your delivery from the delivery person. After successfully delivering, the courier is supposed to scan the package and send it to the company as a confirmation.

If this doesn’t happen, then the systems send out that message to the recipient of the package. This is why you may get the message even after receiving your package.

Why your package may be termed lost

After receiving such a notification, you’ll probably wonder how your package ended up lost in the first place. So, here are some instances that could lead to that:

  • A photo of the package was not scanned and sent to the company by the delivery person.
  • Your package was not delivered to you within 48 hours as the company expects.
  • Tracking information was not correctly added, therefore, your order couldn’t be listed as confirmed and shipped. As a result, Amazon thinks the package was not dispatched.

What to do if your Amazon package may be lost

With Amazon collaborating with third-party sellers and courier services, anything could happen to your package, including getting lost.

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So this is what you need to do when your package gets lost.

1. Contact customer support

contact customer service
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As earlier highlighted, third-party involvement may be the reason your package is lost.

Therefore, the immediate action you should take is to contact Amazon about a lost package through their customer service or make a call to 000 1-206-922-0880.

From here, Amazon will conduct an investigation if the company was responsible for handling the package.

However, if a third party was involved, they will request you to contact the seller or the courier service to assist with tracking the order.  

2. Request refund

With the notification, Amazon will ask you to request a refund. To do this, simply;

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Go to Your Orders section
  3. Click on Problem with order
  4. From the list provided, choose a problem related to your order
  5. Proceed to click on Request refund to initiate the process
  6. Include comments about the order in the text box
  7. Complete by clicking Submit

After this, your request will be confirmed through email, and you can then check on the status of your refund by;

  1. Clicking on Your Orders
  2. Locate your order
  3. Click on Problem with order

Once your refund has been processed, they’ll deposit money into your account through your preferred payment method. 

In a case where you got a refund from Amazon, but your package came, you can contact Amazon and let them know your package was delivered.

They will give a directive on whether they will send a courier to pick the item and return it to their offices or if you can stay with it.

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In summary, Amazon saying your package may be lost simply means they haven’t confirmed if you’ve received your package.

They will ask you to request a refund, but you need to contact their customer service to track your package before then.

If indeed your package can’t be found and hasn’t been delivered, or has been sent to the wrong address, you can go ahead to request a refund.

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