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So, you ordered something on Amazon two days ago. But when you check it today, the Amazon website says your package was left in the mail room.

Furthermore, the site shows your package is already delivered. The only problem is that you do not have a mail room and have not seen your package. Instead, you only have a mailbox that is too small for the package you ordered on Amazon.

It is confusing to find that Amazon could not deliver your item to your exact location but instead left it in a mail room you know nothing about.

Generally, when Amazon says your package is delivered to the mailroom, the service has sent it to a different address. However, Amazon mailroom could also mean other things.

What does it mean when Amazon says delivered to mailroom?

When you see a message that Amazon delivered your item to a mailroom, the mailroom could be:

  • Leasing Agent or Office – The Amazon service may have delivered your package to the building’s manager if you live in an apartment or condo. Therefore, go to your manager and confirm whether they received the package.
  • Physical mail room – The Amazon delivery service could not deliver the item to your address and sent it to a physical mail room. The mailroom is at the address of the shipment or the local post office.
  • Mailbox – If the package is too large and you have not checked your mailbox, the delivery person may have left it around your mailbox.

The above are things that define a mailroom, according to Amazon. However, there are other steps you can take to confirm the location of your package before contacting Amazon.

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Things to do when Amazon delivers your package to the mailroom

If Amazon has delivered your package to a mailroom and you cannot see it, here are some steps you should take:

  • Verify that you have provided the correct shipping address. One of the digits in the zip code is possibly incorrect.
  • Look for any notification of attempted delivery. In other words, when Amazon attempts delivery of a package, it will leave it in a secure location. However, if it cannot determine a safe place or the delivery requires a person to be present, it will send you an email you provided during signup. Then, Amazon will make three more delivery attempts on consecutive days. But if the third attempt fails, Amazon will return the package and refund you. Therefore, check your email for any notification of attempted delivery.
  • Wait for 36 more hours to see if the package will arrive.

Does mailroom mean mailbox?

Mailroom does not necessarily mean mailbox. Instead, it means a separate location that Amazon deems safe to deliver your package.

For example, it could be your apartment manager’s room or the local post office.

Does Amazon deliver packages in the mailbox?

Amazon does not deliver packages in the mailbox.

It is against federal law to put anything in a mailbox, especially if the package does not show any evidence of postage payment.


When Amazon says your package was delivered to the mailroom, the service sent it to a different address.

Therefore, check your apartment manager’s office or visit your local post office to confirm. Alternatively, give Amazon at least three days to see whether your package will arrive.

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