How Long Does Evri Take to Deliver When It Says On Its Way?

Ever waited days for that package you desperately need, wondering how long does Evri take to deliver? That “on the way” status can sometimes feel like an eternity.

The truth about Evri delivery times is that it all depends on the delivery service you have chosen. Some services like “Evening Delivery” are faster. Others like the “Standard Delivery” take 2 to 4 business days.

But don’t lose hope yet. In this article, we’ll dive into Evri’s typical time frames, reasons your delivery could be delayed, and much more.

An Overview of Evri Delivery Days

Evri offers various delivery options with different estimated timeframes. The table below outlines the exact delivery times for Evri’s main services:

Delivery Service NameEstimated Time the Delivery Will Take
Standard2 to 4 working days
Next dayNext working day
WeekendSaturday or Sunday
Evening4 pm to 8pm that same working day
ParcelShop3 to 5 working days

Why is Evri Taking So Long to Deliver My Parcel?

Now that you know Evri’s standard delivery times, you may still wonder why your package is taking longer than expected. 

There are a few common reasons for extended delays:

1. High Order Volumes

During peak periods like the holidays or sales events, Evri experiences very high order volumes flowing through its network. 

This influx means that one delivery guy has to go through many addresses before finally reaching yours.

2. Incorrect Address

If the shipping address on your order is inaccurate and Evri needs to perform address checks or package rerouting, days can be added to the delivery. 

Missing apartment numbers or incorrect street names often necessitate manual verification and sorting.

3. Parcel Diversions

If you have requested to divert your parcel to a neighbor or alternate safe location, this can sometimes extend the delivery timeframe by a day or two. 

Couriers need to be informed of the change and manually route to the new address.

4. Signature Required Deliveries

When a signature is required for your delivery, such as for high-value goods or alcohol, couriers cannot leave parcels with a neighbor. 

If no one is available to sign for the package, Evri will return with the package and try again the following days.

Tracking Your Evri Parcel

Track your order using the 8 or 16-digit number to know when your parcel will arrive
Track your order on Evri’s official site using the 8 or 16-digit number to know when your parcel will arrive. Image: Canva/roverto

Before your Evri delivery reaches you, it must first make its way through their logistics network. 

After the retailer ships your order, Evri collects the parcel from their warehouse and transports it to the nearest sorting hub facility. This takes under 24 hours. 

Here, your package is scanned into their system and processed for onward delivery which will take various times depending on the package you chose.

To know exactly how long Evri takes to deliver, monitor the status of your parcel through these steps:

  • Get a 16- or 8-digit tracking number: The 16-digit number is on the shipping notice email or package documents. The 8-digit code is printed on the missed delivery calling card, which your retailer will provide in case you missed the delivery.
  • Go to the official tracking page.
  • Enter the tracking number.
  • Tap “Track” to check the status of your package.

The next page should give you an answer about what time Evri will deliver or when your package is likely to arrive based on its status. 

If you have any issues, you can always get support via an online chat or telephone from the help center page.

How Long Does Evri Tracking Take to Update?

Evri tracking information is updated in real-time as your parcel moves through its delivery network. As soon as your package reaches key points on its journey, the status will refresh to reflect the latest location. 

For example, as soon as Evri receives your parcel at their sorting hub, the tracking will update to “Received at our hub.” When it leaves the hub to go out for delivery, the status will show “On its way.”

What Does ‘We’re Expecting it’ Mean on Evri?

It means Evri has not physically received the parcel from the sender yet
It means Evri has not physically received the parcel from the sender yet.

It means Evri has the tracking information but has not physically received the actual parcel from the sender yet. 

This will be updated once the package arrives at Evri’s intake site.

How Long Does Evri Take to Process at Hub?

On average, most parcels complete Evri’s hub sorting process within 24 hours before proceeding to the final delivery leg. 

Barring major processing delays, your status should update after 1 day at the hub. 

Does Evri Deliver on Sunday?

Yes, Evri provides deliveries 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays. The only exceptions are bank public holidays.

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