TextNow number lookup: Can you trace caller ID and location?

Tim Vickers

Is there a TextNow number lookup service you can use to trace someone? TextNow phone numbers have become quite popular for people who want to make calls over the internet.

But unfortunately, since it uses virtual numbers, the service can be used by scammers and people who want to send spam calls and texts.

Tracing someone on TextNow is pretty challenging as the service offers more anonymity than real (physical sim card) numbers.

However, it is not entirely possible, and you can track someone using features and services such as Google search, phone number lookup services, IP address finders, etc.

Below is a detailed guide on how you can trace someone who is using the TextNow service.

How does TextNow work?

Before looking at how to track a TextNow number, it is important to understand how the service work. Simply put, it is an online communication service similar to Skype and WhatsApp.

However, the difference is that it provides a random, virtual US number, which one can use to make free calls and send texts over Wi-Fi networks.

The TextNow number can be used on any device, either through the TextNow website or TextNow apps (iOS, Android, and Windows).

However, the service also offers a TextNow sim card, which helps one use your virtual number on the US’s cellular networks.  

To get a TextNow number, one only needs to follow the steps below:

  • Go to TextNow and sign-up using Facebook, Google, or Apple account
  • Provide a US area code for the TextNow phone service area
  • Choose one of the randomly generated phone numbers and start using the number.

Can you trace a TextNow Number?

How can I find out who a TextNow number belongs to? As already mentioned, TextNow offers more anonymity than traditional phone numbers.

For example, unless you are purchasing a burner phone, you must register when purchasing a sim card and a US cell phone plan with most cellular network providers. Also, you can only use physical phone numbers on one device at a time.

TextNow number lookup

On the other hand, with TextNow, you only need to create an account using a Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

The downside is that people can create fake accounts on these platforms and use them to get a phone number.

Furthermore, you can use the phone number on any device as long as you log on to your TextNow account.

Therefore, tracing a number on TextNow is pretty difficult. However, it is not entirely impossible. Below is a look at some of the methods you can use to find out who is calling or sending you messages using a TextNow number:

1. Using Google Search

Google Search page
Google Search page. Image: AppDrum

As the leading search engine, Google is one of the best sources of information, and you can use it to find out who a TextNow number belongs to.

In addition, if the person calling or texting you has used their number elsewhere on the internet, it is likely to appear on Google search results. So, copy and paste the number on the search bar to see if it pops up.

You can also use Google search to try and find whether the number has been used on other websites, for example, social media sites.

To do this, type site:<website> “TextNow phone number” on the search bar. For example (site: facebook.com “xxx xxx-xxxx“) to search the number on Facebook.

If you are lucky, you will find a search result with a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or other online sites. You can then follow the trail to find out who owns the number.

Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that you will find the number on any of these websites.

3. Using a TextNow number lookup service

The other option for tracing a TextNow number is to use a phone number lookup service. These services use reverse lookup, searching the number across various databases to find a name and other identifying information (email address, location, etc.)

There are several TextNow phone number lookup services you can use to try and trace someone. These include:

True Caller

True Caller is the perfect option if you are looking for a service that offers TextNow number lookup for free. The service collects names and other identifying details from the contact lists of people who use the service.


Therefore, if the TextNow number you are trying to trace has been saved in other people’s contact (who use True Caller), their names and profile will appear on the True Caller search.

2. White pages

WhitePages Reverse Phone Lookup
WhitePages Reverse Phone Lookup

White Pages is another reliable phone number lookup service which you can use to reverse search anonymous numbers. It searches through various databases, providing you with identifying information such as name, address, email address, etc.

Therefore, if the number texting you has been used in another database, it is likely to appear in your search results. However, the service is not free; you must pay a small fee for the search or purchase a monthly plan.

Using an IP address finder

A TextNow IP address finder is another way to trace and track a TextNow number location.

With an IP address, you can get the geolocation of the person calling you or texting you, as well as other identifying information such as the device they are using, their IP service provider, etc.


Unfortunately, an IP address finder requires you to know the device’s IP address using the TextNow number, which can be pretty difficult. Such information is stored on TextNow servers, and you can only get it with a court order.

However, there are some unconventional methods you can use to get the IP address of a person using a TextNow number.

One of these methods involves using an IP logger, which attaches a tracking code to an URL (say for a video or image), which you can send to the TextNow number you want to locate.

Once the person opens the link on their device, their IP address is logged, and you can use it to track them. Unfortunately, if the person is using a VPN, tracking them will be almost impossible.

Note: it might not be illegal to use an IP logger to track someone harassing you. However, you can get into a lot of trouble if you use it instead to stalk other people.

Can police track a TextNow number?

Can you report a TextNow number to police officers to have it tracked? Tracking a TextNow number on your own can be difficult if the person using the number is tech-savvy.

However, law enforcement officers have more resources at hand and can be able to track the number more easily.

For example, they can obtain court orders to compel TextNow company to release identifying information about the number in question.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers need proof that a crime has been committed to resort to such measures.

For example, if the individual is stalking you or making threatening calls or texts. Therefore, if you are only getting annoying calls or messages, police officers will likely advise you to pursue an alternative action, such as blocking the number.

Finding the person behind a TextNow number

If you are getting annoying or harassing calls or messages, the above TextNow number lookup tricks can help you trace the individual behind it.

Unfortunately, such an endeavour can be difficult if the individual uses fake details, VPN, or other tricks to hide their identity.

However, if the situation escalates, you can report the issue to police officers, who can track the number down.

Alternatively, you can block the number on your contacts and/or contact TextNow customer support for additional guidance.

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