Ring Doorbell delays notifications? Here’s the real fix

Lillie Spikes

Are your Ring Doorbell notifications delayed?

Or are you not getting any ring notifications at all? What could be the problem, and how can you fix it?

The Ring Doorbell is an excellent home security device. It is equipped with a high-quality camera, a live stream feature, motion sensors, and notifications, allowing you to see who is at your doorstep from your Ring app on your phone.

Unfortunately, several users have complained about delays, where notifications arrive several minutes (or even a few hours) after the motion has been detected or the doorbell has been rung.

There are several reasons for the Ring Doorbell notification delays. These include network issues and glitches with the app or the Ring Doorbell, among others.

Why are my Ring doorbell notifications delayed?

These are some of the common reasons that could explain why your Ring notification is delayed:

  • Network issues – delays can occur if either your phone or Ring Doorbell doesn’t have access to a stable connection.
  • Delays caused by battery optimization settings on your Ring app
  • Issues caused by notification settings on your phone
  • Glitches on your Ring Doorbell
  • Corrupted cache and data on your Ring app

How to fix delays in ring doorbell notifications

So, how can you fix the Ring Doorbell notification delays? Here are some troubleshooting tips and solutions you can try:

1. Check that you have a strong internet connection

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One of the main reasons Ring Doorbell notifications are delayed is poor network. Therefore, your phone and Ring Doorbell must connect to a fast and stable connection for smooth notifications.

Therefore, before attempting other solutions, you should check that there are no network issues.

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First, ensure that your phone has a strong Wi-Fi signal or is connected to a fast mobile (cellular) network.

Next, check that your Ring Doorbell has a strong internet connection. You can do this by launching the Ring app and selecting the Device Health section.

Then, under Device Health, go to “Network” and check on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

If the Wi-Fi signal reaching your Ring Doorbell is poor, there are several solutions you can attempt:

  • Try moving your router close to the Ring Doorbell
  • If the router is too far away, use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal
  • Remove any obstacles (for example, furniture) between your Ring Doorbell and your Wi-Fi router
  • Reduce the number of devices connected to your router

If your network is okay, but you still get delays, you can try some of the other solutions below.

2. Disable the battery optimization feature on your Ring app

Are you experiencing a Ring doorbell notification delay on Android?

Some Android phones have a battery optimization feature that you can enable when using the Ring app to reduce the drain on the battery. The feature puts the app to sleep when not in use, thus helping conserve battery life.

Unfortunately, notifications will be affected once the Ring app is put to sleep on some phones, especially if the screen goes to sleep mode. You will have to manually wake up your phone or launch the app for the notifications to go through.

Therefore, if you have enabled this feature and are experiencing delays, you should disable it to start receiving notifications as soon as they occur.

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3. Check that notifications are enabled on your phone

Another reason for delayed Ring Doorbell notification is the settings you have enabled on your phone. For example, Ring doorbell notifications delay on iPhone can occur if you have enabled the “Do Not Disturb” button.

You can also experience delays if you have disabled notifications on your phone’s settings.

To fix the issue, simply go to Settings on your phone and check that you have enabled notifications.

Also, check that you have not enabled the “Do Not Disturb” mode or any other modes such as silent or meeting modes, which can cause you to miss Ring app notifications.

4. Clear data and cache on your Ring app

Ring doorbell app

Ring Doorbell notifications can also be affected by corrupted cache or data on your Ring app. If you have tried the above solutions but are still experiencing issues, it might be a good idea to delete your app’s cache and data.

Doing so gets rid of the corrupted data, thus restoring the app’s smooth functionality.

To clear app data and cache on Android phones, go to Settings > Apps on your phone and select the Ring app. Next, tap on the “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” buttons, then exit and re-launch the app.

 If you’re using an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Storage and select “Manage Storage.” Next, select the Ring app, and tap on the “Offload App” button to clear cache and saved data.

5. Restart your Ring doorbell

Your Ring Doorbell could also be experiencing glitches, which could cause notifications to be delayed. Fortunately, you can fix the delays by restarting the Doorbell, eliminating any temporary glitches.

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To restart the Doorbell, launch the Ring app and go to Menu > Settings > Restart. The app will turn off the device and turn it on again after a few minutes.

If restarting did not work, you can fix the Ring Doorbell delay issue by resetting the device. The reset will restore the default settings, thus removing any corrupted settings causing notification delays.

First, locate the Orange hard reset button to reset your Ring Doorbell. On some models, the button is located in the back panel. You will have to dismount it from your door. On other models, the Orange button is on the front side, inside the front faceplate (you need to remove the plate to access it).

Press and hold the Orange button for about 20 seconds to start the reset process. Once you let go, the Ring Doorbell will flash several times, indicating that the device is resetting.

Once the reset is complete, initiate the setup process to receive notifications again.

Wrapping up

The Ring Doorbell notification delay is a frustrating issue for many homeowners. You might miss the people accessing your front door when you don’t hear the doorbell chime or motion detection alerts in time.

Fortunately, you can root out the problem and fix it with the above troubleshooting tips and solutions.

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