Ring app couldn’t load your locations error? The fix

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The Ring app has a Locations function that allows you to group more than one Ring device to their physical Location.

Grouping Locations is convenient because it lets you check on the status of your cameras or make adjustments to your Ring Alarm system in your home.

Furthermore, it becomes easier to view a device at a specific location.

However, since you might have many Locations, a problem occurs whereby the Ring app fails to load your Locations and instead shows an error. This particular error usually reads Connection Error; Could not load your Locations.

The app then requests you to retry to see whether it solves the problem.

So, what should you do?

 Ideally, the Ring app can fail to load Locations for different reasons.

Why the Ring app is not loading Locations

The Ring app is not loading locations because:

  • Internet connection error
  • VPN blocking current Location
  • Installed apps that conflict with the Ring app
  • Location permissions are not enabled
  • Outdated app
  • Outdated device OS
  • Device incompatibility

Luckily, when the Ring app fails to load Locations, you can try to fix it in different ways.

How to fix the Ring app not loading Locations

You can try to fix Location issues with your Ring app using the following methods:

1. Restart the app and device

Most technical issues with apps and devices sometimes require the simplest of fixes. If the Locations fail to load, close the app and open it again. It will refresh and allow you to start anew.

Ring app

Also, restart your device by powering it off and on again. It will clear any corrupt memory and refresh connections.

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2. Check your internet connection

A poor cellular or Wi-Fi connection can prevent the Ring app’s functioning well, including Locations error. You can troubleshoot connection issues in different ways:

  • Avoid using mobile device hotspots in place of a Wi-Fi network because it can cause your device to disconnect.
  • Move your device near the router. If the Wi-Fi connection is too far away, the connection will be weak and cause Location loading issues.
  • Remove devices connected to the same router.
  • Where possible, use a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular connection.
Wi-Fi connection - Macro Monday 04/09: Connection
Image by: Flickr/Lise-Laure Gossye

You can also check your internet speed and ensure that the download speed is higher than one megabit per second. Alternatively, restart your router and try again.

3. Uninstall apps that conflict with the Ring app

Some apps on Android and iOS devices can cause the Ring app to work well. When the applications conflict with the Ring app, loading Locations may become an issue. The best solution is to uninstall them.  

Examples of apps that cause this issue include virus protection, ringtone apps, file optimisers, and battery saver apps.

A comprehensive list of apps you should uninstall is available on the Ring.com support site. These applications will interfere with the Ring app from providing notifications.

4. Disconnect any VPNs

Many users prefer using VPNs in addition to their Ring devices. However, the Ring application does not support VPN functionality.

Therefore, if you have connected to the internet using a VPN, you will experience technical issues with your app.

For example, the different IP addresses provided by the VPN can cause connectivity issues with the app and delay or prevent a stable connection to the Ring device.

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The best solution is to disconnect the VPN for the Ring app.

5. Check Location permissions on the Ring app

The Ring app requires Location permissions to allow it to receive location information from your iOS or Android device. Its function is to determine when you enter or leave your geofence.

Furthermore, it helps to snooze events or remind you to change your mode. If the app does not have the permissions, it will not load your Locations.

Therefore, enable Location permissions as follows:

On Android:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Permissions.
  • Select Location.
  • Select Allow all the time.

On iOS:

  • Go to iOS Settings.
  • Select the Ring app.
  • Tap on Location.
  • Select Always.

After allowing Location permissions, close the app and try again.

6. Update the Ring app

Ring doorbell app

An outdated app can cause many errors with the application, including loading Locations. Consider updating the Ring app to get the latest features and fixes.

You can download the new app by opening the Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS), or Amazon Store (Fire OS). Once you open the application store, download the Ring app and install it on your device.

Also, you may have the latest app version, but your device OS is out-of-date. Therefore, consider updating your device’s OS to avoid app errors.

7. Check device compatibility

Some older mobile devices do not have the required technical components to run the Ring app. As a result, when installing the app on the devices, you get many challenges using the application, forcing you to look for alternative ways of operating the app.

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Ideally, mobile devices become obsolete after four years of their initial release. If your device is older than four years, it will operate at a slower rate.

Furthermore, it will not receive the needed security updates and improvements. Therefore, use a compatible device to install the Ring app.

For Android, ensure the device runs on OS 8.2 or higher. If you have iPhone, it should run iOS version 14 or higher.

8. Delete a Location

Locations can fail to load on your Ring app if you have accidentally subscribed to one of the Locations you created or entered. You can fix this by deleting the Location and trying again. Here is how:

  • Open the side menu by tapping on the menu button at the upper-left part of the screen.
  • Select Location Settings.
  • Tap on the red Remove Location option.
  • Confirm removal of the Location.

Before you can delete a Location, you will first have to remove all devices from that Location or reassign them to another location.


When the Ring app fails to load your Locations, several things may have caused the error. The common culprits are slow internet connections, an outdated app or device operating system, VPN, and installed apps that conflict with the Ring app.

You can also fix the issue by checking to enable location permissions for the Ring app, checking device compatibility, updating the Ring app, and restarting the app or device.

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