Fix: Ring Doorbell live view isn’t working

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The primary function of Live View on all Ring devices is to allow you to stream live High-Definition videos and communicate in two-way. That means you can use the feature to check in on your house anytime from your camera.

However, sometimes that does not happen because you encounter problems with errors like Ring Live View not allowed by the owner. This prevents you from seeing what is happening on your property.

Among its many functions, the Ring Doorbell device uses a wireless network to send live HD videos and audio to your device through the Ring App.

So, when you come across Ring Doorbell missing Live View, it is because of a connection problem.

Why Ring Doorbell Live View is not working

The feature may not be working because:

  • A weak connection between your Ring device and the router
  • Slow internet speeds
  • Poor connection between your smartphone and the Internet

These and many other factors can cause Ring Live View to stop working. Luckily, you can fix the issue in several ways.

How to fix Ring Doorbell Live View when it is not working

You can fix Live View issues in various ways, including:

1. Update the firmware on your Ring devices

Many users have found out that updating the firmware for their Ring devices helps to fix issues with Live View.

Here is what to do:

  • Open the Ring app.
  • Select the type of Ring device you are using.
  • Tap on Device Health
  • Locate the Firmware tab under Device Details.
  • Tap on the tab to check whether you are using the latest firmware.
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If you have the latest firmware, it will show “Up to date.” Otherwise, it will update automatically a Live View event occurs.

2. Check whether you have enabled Live View

A simple explanation of why Ring Doorbell Live View is not working is that you have not enabled the feature on your camera.

Here is how to enable Live View on Ring Doorbell:

  • From your device selection screen, tap on Stick Up Cam under Location.
  • Select Device Settings.
  • Choose Video Settings.
  • Tap on Enable Live View by toggling the option to blue.
  • Tap Done to finish the settings.

Live View will be on once a motion event on your Stick Up Cam occurs. Trigger the event yourself by moving around the camera.

The app should detect your movement and will enable Live View permanently.

3. Configure it on your device

If the Live View feature is missing on your Ring Doorbell, it is because you have not hardwired the device to start using it. You need to use the existing doorbell wires in your home to get started.

Also, understand that Live View needs a higher amount of power to work. Ideally, you can fix the issue in several ways.

If you are using a battery-operated device:

  • Check whether the battery has run out of power.
  • Insert a fully-powered spare battery and see whether it fixes the issue.
  • Recharge the battery to 100% and reinsert it to the Ring device.

If you are using a powered device:

  • Determine whether it is receiving enough power.
  • Check how you have hardwired the device. All the wires connected to it from the power source should seat snugly. Also, unplug and re-plug the power cord and try opening Live View.
  • Connect your device to a different power source and try again.
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It is also helpful to check whether you have powered up the device and try again.

How to keep Ring Live View on

If you are using the Ring Pro Doorbell, you will notice it go out after ten minutes. The device has a design that does not allow it to stream continually.

It helps to prevent the battery from draining out, hence the timeout feature. But if you want to keep Ring Live View on continuously, do the following:

  • Leave the screen of your smartphone on and ensure the Ring app is open.
  • Next, toggle on Open Fullscreen Video through the app’s device settings page.

Also, understand that the only way of keeping Live View on continuously is when the device detects any motion. If there is no movement, it will timeout, and you will not see any live view.

Ring Doorbell Live View not activating? How to fix

The Ring Doorbell Live View not activating problem results from connection issues that include weak Wi-Fi signal strength. To resolve it, you need to ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection.

To determine your device’s RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator):

  • Open Ring App
  • Select your device
  • Tap on Device Health

Under Device Health, you should be able to see your RSSI. If your RSSI value is around -66 to -90, you have connectivity issues that are preventing the device from activating.

Therefore, you need to improve your Wi-Fi signal strength or reset your router.


If you encounter a problem with Ring Live View not loading, activating, or working, check to ensure that the device is receiving stable Wi-Fi signal strength.

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It is also helpful to check the power supply because low battery levels can cause functionality issues. Another simple fix would be to determine whether you have enabled Live View.

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