Indeed is not working? Common issues & troubleshooting tips

Tim Vickers

Indeed is one of the best job-hunting sites on the internet.

It offers a wide range of features, such as free job postings, a resume builder, job alerts, and sponsored job postings, which make finding jobs easier.

However, despite these features, the site is not without issues, and you can find Indeed is not working when you need it the most.

There are several reasons why Indeed might not work. They range from internet errors to server downtimes, bugs, glitches, and corrupted cache and cookies, among others. 

Here’s a list of the most common Indeed issues and troubleshooting tips you can use to fix them.

Most common issues that cause indeed not to work

Below are some of the most common issues that result in Indeed not working as it is supposed to.

  • You can’t sign in to your Indeed account
  • Indeed pages are not loading
  • Indeed messages are not showing
  • You can’t apply for a job on Indeed
  • Indeed is not showing job descriptions
  • The Indeed job search feature is not working
  • Indeed profile keeps refreshing
  • Your resume is not visible

Indeed is not working – how to troubleshoot

Identify the particular issues that you are facing and follow the troubleshooting steps provided to fix them.

1. I can’t sign in to my Indeed account

Indeed log in page

Indeed login in issues are quite common, but also easy to fix.

If you are having trouble signing into your account, the first thing you need to do is check that you have entered the right email and password.

Passwords are also case sensitive, so you should ensure you have used the proper case letters.

If you are unable to log into your account, you can reset your password using the “Forgot Password” button on the Indeed log in page.

Alternatively, you can log into your Indeed account using your Google Account details.

2. Indeed pages are not loading

Sometimes, when trying to open Indeed pages, you can come across an error such as “we seem to be experiencing system issues. please try again later.”

Another common error is “page not found” or you might find your pages loading slowly and then timing out.

The first thing you need to check on is your internet connection. Make sure you have strong and fast working internet, and if not, switch to a wired or mobile broadband connection that is faster.

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Another reason you might be having issues loading pages is corrupted cookies and cache data. To fix the problem, go to your browser settings and clear all the cache (you can even clear all browsing data).

Aside from cookies, the browser you are using could be the issue. Make sure your browser is up-to-date, and if the issue persists, try using another browser.

When Indeed is not working, even after the steps above, it could also indicate an issue on the job site’s servers.

Some of the pages might no longer be available, or the Indeed servers could be experiencing downtime. The best solution is to wait for the issue out, and if it persists, contact Indeed customer support.

3. The messages are not showing

Indeed messages are one of the most important features of the site; they are how potential employers and recruiters reach out to you. Therefore, it can be pretty devastating if Indeed inbox is not working it can cost you a job.

One of the main reasons why you might not be receiving messages is interference from third-party apps, such as ad-blockers. Therefore, you should disable any ad blocking software or extensions you have on your PC.

Corrupted cookies can also make your messages not show up, something that can be easily fixed by clearing up your browser cache.

Another solution you might try to fix the message issue is to clear your inbox. Unfortunately, you can’t delete messages on Indeed, so you will have to archive them.

Lastly, you can try accessing your messages through email notifications; every time you receive a message on Indeed, the site sends you an email with the entire message content. 

This detailed guide should come in handy if the messages feature is not working.

4. I can’t apply for a job on Indeed

Indeed application button

Is the apply now button not working on Indeed? You can use the following steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

  • Refresh the page and try again – the apply button might fail due to temporary glitches, refreshing your page can help fix the issue.
  • Check on your internet connection – most of the time, Indeed features will stop working if you have slow or no internet connection.
  • Try using Indeed in a new browser – your current browser could be the issue. Switching to alternatives such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari can help fix the problem.
  • Disable ad-blockers and pop-up blocking – pop-up and ad-blockers can interfere with some website features. If using any, disable them and refresh the page then try clicking on the apply button.
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If any of these solutions don’t work, you can try using another computer, or even the Indeed app on your mobile phone.

5. Indeed is not showing my job descriptions

If you have created a job posting on Indeed but it is not showing up on searches, follow these steps to solve the issue:

  • Your job posting is sponsoredsponsored posts are paid for, so you need a valid credit card on your profile. The set budget limit should also be enough to support the posting; else it will not appear until the limit resets.
  • Your job posting is not a job – your description will not appear if you have set the employment type as a volunteer, internship, unpaid roles, training, or products and services.
  • The account you are using is not verified – your jobs might not appear in searches if your account is unverified. Log into your account and verify it through email to resolve the issue.
  • Your account is under review – Indeed can place an account under review, causing job postings not to appear in searches. In such a case, you should contact customer support and ask to speak with an account specialist.

Aside from these issues, your job description might not appear on your PC due to corrupted cookies on your browser.

Simply clear the cache, refresh the browser and see if the job posting appears.

6. Indeed job search is not working

Indeed search button not working is another common error that users might experience.

The issue can occur if you have slow or unstable internet, so you should start by troubleshooting your connection or switching to a faster one.

Glitches and temporary bugs are another common reason for the issue, but you can easily fix them by resetting the Indeed search (and other features of the website).

To do this, go to your browser settings and select the clear data option and delete everything – from the browser history, downloads, cookies and cache (you can leave the passwords if you have saved any on your browser).

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Once done, restart the browser and try using the search feature again.

7. Your profile keeps refreshing

Indeed Profile refreshing

When setting up your Indeed profile, you can experience an issue where the profile page keeps refreshing after every few seconds.

The automatic refreshing can make it hard to update and save your profile, which can be pretty frustrating.

There are several reasons for automatic refreshes. They include insufficient memory on your PC, a feature or bug on the browser that’s causing all tabs to refresh, or the refresh request coming from Indeed itself.

To stop the automatic refresh, clear the cache on your browser, then restart it.  You should also make sure you have sufficient memory on your PC. You can try closing some applications that are running to clear up RAM space.

If the issue persists, try switching to another browser or using the Indeed mobile app on your phone.

8. The resume is not visible

Indeed has an option for making your resume private, which can help to hide your job-seeking intentions from your current employer.

However, if you accidentally clicked on this option when uploading your resume, it will remain hidden from potential recruiters and employers.

You can fix the issue by making your resume private in Indeed account settings. To do this:

  • Log into your account and go to the Resume section
  • Click on the editing icon (pencil) at the top-right corner of the page
  • On the page that opens up, click on the three dots next to where you see “Private” and select the Privacy option
  • Set your resume to “Public” and save the settings

Once set to public, your resume will be visible to any potential employers and recruiters looking for candidates with your skills.

Final remarks

Indeed is an excellent job site that can help you search for and apply for available jobs or even draw the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

However, the site can experience a number of issues from time to time, which can make a sour experience. With the above information, you can troubleshoot and fix these issues.

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