What does Indeed application viewed by employer mean?

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If you are currently searching for employment, chances are you have tried looking into or applying to potential job listings on Indeed. After all, it is one of the most popular jobs listing sites boosting more than 250 million users a month. 

The way Indeed is set up; you will receive a notification every time an employer opens your job application.

So when your notification reads, “Job XYZ was viewed by an employer”, it is only fitting for you to be hopeful that your application has reached its intended audience. 

If the recruiter likes what they see, they can message you on Indeed to ask further questions or arrange for an interview.

Other recruiters will prefer to contact you directly, assuming you have included your contact details. In contrast, the rest of the recruiters will text you on the site and ask for your contacts. 

However, just because the recruiter viewed your application does not automatically mean you will get a response.

Sometimes the recruiter will skim through and move on to the next applicant.

Why have I not heard from employers on Indeed?

Once you receive the ‘Your application was viewed’ by employer text, it’s normal for you to get your hopes up about the job prospects.

According to statistics from Indeed, only 20% of applicants get an interview, and an even smaller percentage get the job.

If you have not been lucky to get a call back yet, recruiters constantly review your resume; here are the probable causes. 

1. There is no time

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Judging by the number of monthly users on Indeed, chances are, every recruiter receives a lot of applicants per listing.

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For that reason, a recruiter will likely be caught up in looking through hundreds of applications to find the right candidate. 

In that case, a recruiter may feel that they don’t have time to formulate a rejection text. So instead, they will move on to the next applicant and only get back to those that seem promising. 

2. The employer is doing further screening

After a job application is put out in most companies and people send their applications, the recruiter will scan them through an applicant tracking system (ATS).

The said system usually checks for keywords and shortlists the relevant applications. 

After this, the ATS will forward the application to a human to read through and verify whether you qualify and if what you have put down is true.

Mind you, all this time; you have been waiting for a callback, seeing that you had received the notification telling you an employer has viewed your application. 

The screening may take weeks or days, depending on how many people are looking through the applications and whether you will pass all the necessary tests. 

3. You made a mistake

Judging by how competitive the job market is, recruiters will move on swiftly when they review your application and find out that you made a mistake.

The mistake could be as small as a typo or as big as attaching the wrong documents.

Also, you might have misunderstood the job application. For example, maybe you applied for the job thinking the employer needed a project manager, whereas the employer required a product manager.

All in all, mistakes are very gruesome in job applications.

In some instances, you may receive the ‘not selected’ message which means that the employer considers you not suitable for the job.

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Tips to help you get jobs on Indeed

Though the job market is about luck and qualifications, here are a few tips to help you navigate the market.

1. Tailor your resume to the position

While it is tempting to use the same resume and cover letter to apply to multiple jobs, tailor your resume to the specific job description on every post. 

While a general resume may show that you have achieved a lot, employers usually focus on skills that you are bringing to their organizations. 

2. Turn on notifications

Recruiters will message several potential candidates for an interview or a follow-up.

If you don’t have your notifications on, you will miss their messages or see them too late.

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You could also be missing out on notifications because Indeed messages are not working. In that case, follow these guidelines to troubleshoot the issue.

3. Research the company

To try and stand out, research the company and tailor your resume per their policies, goals, expectations and salary requirements. This way, you will fit their idea of an ideal candidate.

Unfortunately, most recruiters don’t put their company ideals on the job description, but you can easily find the information on their official website. 


These are the most frequently asked questions about Indeed applications.

1. Can I update or edit a job application?

Yes, you can. On your Indeed homepage, click on Applications, locate the application you want to edit and click on it. Click on the plus icon and update any details.

You should note that editing a job application is impossible if the job has already been closed. 

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2. Must I have an account with Indeed to apply to a listing?

You must be logged in to your Indeed account for your job application to be saved.

However, you can still apply without being logged into the site through your job application will not be held on your dashboard. 

3. Are jobs posted on Indeed legit?

Considering Indeed is just a platform to post jobs, they have no affiliation with whoever is posting them.

Therefore, it’s advisable to do your due diligence and research because some jobs are scams and others are legit. 

4. Does Indeed notify the employer when you apply to their listing?

Indeed can only notify the employer if they have turned on the notification alerts.

Otherwise, an employer can only see your application after you’ve submitted it. 

5. How long does it take to get a response after applying for a job on Indeed?

It solely depends on the recruiter.

Some will take as little as three days, and others will take up to a month to sift through all the viable candidates. 

Final thoughts

Chances of finding a job on Indeed are slim due to the competition. However, if you know how to navigate the site, you will be on the safer side.

Also, just because a recruiter has viewed your application does not indicate that the job is yours. It just means that the recruiter opened and tapped any button on the Indeed homepage. 

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