What is ‘Evidence of Excellence’ in a Job Application? (examples)

How do you make your job application stand out in a competitive job market? The key is to showcase clear evidence of excellence; after all, hiring managers want proof that you can handle the role, not just empty claims.

Evidence of excellence on a job application is specific examples of your achievements and skills relevant to the position. This includes work samples, data, metrics, awards, testimonials – anything concrete that supports your ability to add value.

In this write-up, we will explain what “evidence of excellence” is and provide tips and examples to help you include compelling examples in your application.

What is Evidence of Excellence in Job Applications?

Evidence of excellence refers to demonstrable proof points that validate your qualifications, skills, and abilities.

It provides concrete examples and validation of your capabilities rather than making empty claims about your background or experience.

In short, evidence of excellence:

  • Goes beyond listing accolades or responsibilities. It provides tangible proof and reinforcement.
  • Allows you to substantiate claims about your experience, knowledge, and value to the employer.

What Can Be Used as Evidence of Excellence?

Here are some examples of things you can use as evidence of excellence when applying for a job online or physically:

1. Work Samples

Samples of your work show hiring managers a tangible look at what you can produce.

Examples of evidence of excellence here could include writings, graphics, presentations, projects, or other work products related to the target role.

2. Metrics and Data

Quantifying your achievements with numbers and data is also powerful. This evidences the concrete impact you can make.

For instance, you could highlight improvements you drove in sales, costs, efficiency, or other measurable areas.

3. Awards and Recognition

Professional awards, accolades from colleagues, or testimonials demonstrate that others value and respect your capabilities.

You can use proffessional awards as your evidence of excellence.
You can use professional awards as your evidence. Image: Pexels.com/@RDNE Stock project

This could be included in your job application to offer third-party validation of your excellence.

4. Relevant Certifications

These include certifications, specialized training, or academic credentials in areas relevant to the role.

5. Published Materials

Articles, papers, or other published materials you’ve written could also be used as evidence of excellence.

You can also include any media coverage you have received to serve as a third-party endorsement.

6. Test Scores

Exceptional results on skills or assessment tests also serve as proof of excellence. They provide quantifiable proof that you have the required abilities.

How to Showcase Evidence of Excellence in Your Job Applications

Here is how to include proof of excellence in your applications:

1. Tailor Your Documents to the Role

Do not use the same CV, cover letter and resume for all the jobs. Carefully review the full job description, highlighting any specific skills, achievements, certifications, and requirements listed.

Then, thoroughly edit your resume, cover letters, and other application materials to reflect a tight match to the role’s needs.

2. Summarize Key Proof Points

Dedicate a section of your resume titled “Key ProofPoints” to summarize your most compelling evidence of excellence, such as relevant certifications, academic credentials, awards, metrics, and capabilities.

Be concise but impactful, focusing on achievements and skills closely matching the target role. This provides hiring managers with a snapshot of your greatest assets upfront.

3. Create an Evidence Portfolio Appendix

Attach an appendix document that enables you to provide work samples, screenshots, raw data, testimonials, case studies and other tangible evidence examples.

Give 1-2 sentence descriptions for each item to provide helpful context without overwhelming.

4. Write Achievement-Focused Bullet Points

Craft bullet points for each work experience entry that starts with strong action verbs and emphasizes measurable contributions and achievements.

Quantify your impact on critical metrics like sales, revenue, efficiency, costs, productivity, or customer satisfaction. Avoid merely listing responsibilities.

5. Link to External Evidence

You should add your evidence of excellence to a portfolio that can e easily accessed by reviewers.
You should add your evidence to a portfolio that can easily accessed by reviewers. Image: Unsplash/@Ben Kolde

If you have a professional website, online portfolio, GitHub account, published articles, or other sources of evidence, include links within your application documents so that reviewers can easily access them.

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