How to Find Out if You Are Rehireable at Walmart

Have you parted ways with Walmart but now find yourself wondering if the door is still open to return? 

Many former employees consider going back to the familiar environment and benefits that Walmart jobs can provide. But before, how do you find out if you are rehireable at Walmart?

Well, the process of determining rehire eligibility at Walmart is straightforward. The firm keeps records of past employees, including whether they left in good standing. 

As long as you were not terminated for serious policy violations, you generally remain in fair standing for rehire consideration at Walmart. 

This article provides an in-depth look at Walmart rehire policy, with the goal of answering common questions former you may have about reapplying to the old employer.

Finding Out if You Can Get Rehired on Walmart

There’s no formal process or complex formula that decides who Walmart will or won’t rehire. There is also no Walmart careers portal or online site where you can simply type your credentials and know whether you can be rehired. 

It all comes down to the circumstances leading to your quitting. If you left under positive circumstances, you remain in good standing to be rehired.

How Do You Know If You’re Eligible for Rehire on Walmart?

Adhering to work terms and policies increases your chances of getting rehired at Walmart
Adhering to work terms and policies increases your chances of getting rehired at Walmart. Image: canva/jamie carroll

Here are some positive indicators to help you find out if you are rehireable at Walmart:

1. You Left on Positive Terms

Resigning professionally, such as providing 2 weeks’ notice and working all remaining shifts, leaves a good impression. 

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Walmart managers tend to welcome back former employees who left voluntarily on positive terms.

2. You Were Laid Off or Let Go

Walmart sometimes lays off employees to reduce headcount. This is typically a no-fault separation. 

Former employees laid off for non-disciplinary reasons can usually be rehired later on.

3. You Have a Strong Past Performance Record

If you received positive reviews, promotions, and raises during your prior tenure, it shows Walmart valued your contributions. 

Managers often want to rehire former employees with proven track records.

4. You Left for External Reasons Like Family or School

Leaving to care for family, pursue an education, relocate, or other personal reasons does not hurt your rehire eligibility as long as you resign properly. 

According to Walmart rehire policy, the company understands people leave jobs for major life events.

How Do You Know If You’re Not Eligible for Rehire On Walmart?

Severe policy breaches makes you ineligible for rehire at Walmart
Severe policy breaches make you ineligible for rehire at Walmart. Image: canva/ivelinradkov

You cannot be rehired by the firm for the following circumstances:

1. You Were Terminated for Theft

Whether shoplifting merchandise as an employee or stealing from cash registers, theft makes you permanently ineligible for rehire. 

Theft is considered the most serious integrity violation.

2. You Abandoned Your Job

Simply stopping showing up for scheduled shifts without formally resigning is considered job abandonment. 

With the Walmart job abandonment policy, this unprofessional conduct often results in termination and removal from rehire consideration.

3. You Engaged in Workplace Violence

Acts of violence, threats, bullying, or aggressive physical confrontations towards colleagues make you ineligible for rehire. 

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Walmart has zero tolerance for behaviors that endanger safety.

4. You Were Disciplined for Severe Policy Breaches

Violating policies around harassment, discrimination, falsifying documents, or safety compliance commonly leads to termination. 

These breaches are recorded on your profile. They will exclude you from being rehired should you quit or be fired.

5. You Have a History of Tardiness and Absences

Reliability is highly valued at Walmart. So, when they check your employee history and see you have a bad reputation for tardiness, your chances of getting rehired are low. 

This is also the case if you were fired from Walmart for attendance.

Can You Get Rehired at Walmart After Quitting?

Yes. However, you can only get rehired if you resign properly and leave on good terms with the firm. 

When you quit a job at Walmart in the right way, you remain eligible for rehire consideration down the line.

Some things you’ll want to do to remain in good standing when quitting include:

  • Provide adequate notice – Give at least 2 weeks notice so they can plan for your departure
  • Work all remaining shifts you’re scheduled for
  • Finish up any pending work and document processes for your replacement
  • Return any company property like keys, ID badges, equipment
  • Express gratitude to your manager and team

How Long Does It Take to Get Reinstated at Walmart?

If you were recently terminated, the reinstatement process takes less than 30 days.

Reinstatement means being allowed to return to your job rather than going through the full of rehiring to find out if you are rehireable at Walmart. 

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Such decisions are based on justifications for why the termination should be rescinded.

For example, if there was an error in how the termination paperwork was filed or processed. Or if you provide compelling reasons through the open door process that overturn the decision.

After 30 days, the chances of reinstatement go down significantly.

But there are special cases where employees have been able to get their termination overturned for reinstatement within 60 days. 

So terminated employees should move quickly and contact their HR department to plead their case for getting reinstated.

How Long Does Walmart Keep Employee Records?

According to a former Walmart employee on Reddit who helped seal and date employee records, Walmart keeps employee records for 7 years.

Once records are packed up, they are stored for 7 years before being shredded.

So if you left Walmart more than 7 years ago, your record essentially gets wiped clean after records retention policies result in shredding outdated files. 

This can be favorable if you are interested in being rehired and had less than stellar documentation or disciplinary issues from over 7 years back.

Those would no longer be on file or relevant for consideration of rehire eligibility.


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