What does “many applicants” mean on Indeed?

Lillie Spikes

When indeed says “many applicants,” how many have applied? In this article, we look at the meaning behind this phrase and other questions you may have about job applications.

If you have applied for jobs through Indeed, you will likely have seen the “many applicants” message. This literally means that many job seekers have applied for that position.

In this case, many applicants vary depending on the company offering the job and the position advertised.

A “many applicants” message on the Indeed job board should not discourage you from applying for that position, as “many” does not mean they are all qualified.

It could be that the employer has not yet found the candidate they were looking for among the many that have applied. Crafting your resume to meet their requirements can make you stand out and be hired.

What does “approximately 1-5 applicants” mean on Indeed?

You would see the “1-5 applicants” message on Indeed for a job post for several reasons.

One, it could mean that the job position has newly been posted on the Indeed job board, and hence not many people have applied.

If this is the case, applying for such positions could boost your chances of getting the job, as some companies hire applicants on a rolling basis.

Indeed Job listing with many applicants
An Indeed job listing with many applicants

Another reason could be that this is a senior-level position, such as a company CEO or a branch manager.

Normally, very high senior positions in a company always attract fewer applications than entry-level positions.

This is because most of these senior-level positions require a lot of work experience, academic qualifications, and a good performance record.        

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Pro Tip: You stand a chance to get an interview if you apply for jobs that have below 5 applicants. Sure, the number of applicants may rise, but being among the first to submit your CV improves your chances of getting that important call.

What does it mean when Indeed says 10-100 applicants?

A job post with 10-100 applicants means that although some people have already applied for the position, they are not too many.

With such a small number of applicants, it could be the position was recently advertised, maybe on the same day or probably two days ago.

If it is a senior entry position with 10-100 applicants, this could mean that the position has been on the job board for some time.

For a job site like Indeed that attracts hundreds of job seekers, 10-100 is still a moderate number of applications.

It also means the job is still open for more applications, and applying early would increase your chances of getting it.

Is the number of applicants on Indeed accurate?

Indeed uses some of the most advanced algorithms to gather information from hundreds of job advertisements worldwide.

This ensures that the applicants’ number on their site is as accurate as possible.

However, there are cases where the number of applicants displayed on Indeed may slightly differ from the real number of applicants.

For example, Indeed may not be able to detect instances where a job seeker makes a double application for a single job.

A person applying for a job
A person applying for a job

Also, Indeed only shows the number of applications made through their website. It does not consider the many applicants who apply via other job sites such as Glassdoor or applications made directly to the employer.

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A job could say less than 5 applicants on Indeed but has over 200 applications on Glassdoor alone.

On average, how many applications will a job posting receive?

Indeed, one of the most popular job boards in the world receives hundreds of applicants for every job advertised.

Research has shown that an Indeed job advert will receive about 250 applications on average.

This means that some postings may receive slightly above or below that. However, only a small fraction of about 2-3% of that will be interviewed.

In such a case where there are too many applicants for a job, you will need to stand out to boost your chances of getting the job.

One of the best ways is to choose your applications wisely and only apply for jobs that suit your qualifications.

After selecting the job you qualify for, go ahead and convince the employer why you are the best fit for that position.

Pro Tip: Only apply for positions where you feel most qualified. Your CV should be customized to suit that position. All supporting documents should display your knowledge and expertise in that position.

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