What does ‘not selected by employer’ mean on Indeed?

Tim Vickers

Indeed is one of the biggest job search websites available. Despite having more than 250 million new users a month, there are always hundreds of job offers remaining for you to choose from.

However, this does not mean that it is easy to get hired as the competition is very steep. More often than not, you will receive a ‘not selected’ or ‘rejected’ email back after applying for certain positions.

‘Not selected’ means that you are no longer being considered or reviewed for the role you have applied for.

If the employer chooses to send you a personalized reason for your rejection, chances are, they will give you a reason why. But if you receive an auto-generated email, then you will likely not be told why.

Though this should not deter you from tweaking your resume and trying again if at all you strongly believe you are still the right candidate.

Why does Indeed show ‘not selected’ right after applying?

Image: Indeed

Sometimes Indeed will show you ‘application status: not selected’ immediately after applying for a role. Here are a few reasons why this might happen;

  • Your salary requirement does not match with the employers yet one of you has stated that their rate is non-negotiable. 
  • The deadline for application to that role has expired or the recruiters are no longer taking in more applications. 
  • The requirements for the role have changed or rather you do not meet the educational/experience level requirements that are needed. 
  • You’re not eligible to work in the respective country. Or rather you are eligible but failed to provide the required documents.  
  • You may have made an error in the application. This includes omitting important information, entering an invalid contact phone number or email address. 
  • You live too far away from the job location (not every company is willing to pay for your relocation or wait for you to relocate)
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Does Indeed automatically reject candidates?

In some circumstances, Indeed may automatically reject candidates. After a recruiter posts a job listing, they will receive notifications containing all the candidates who have applied.

They will then set a timer within which they will have gone through all applications. The timer can either be 7 days, 10, days, etc. During that time, they will have marked each viewed application with rejected, maybe, hired or in contact.

If the timer ends and the recruiter hasn’t checked your profile or they did not show any interest, you will be automatically rejected.

But before Indeed sends out the automatic rejection email, they will send a reminder to the employer to choose whether they want to increase their timer so they have more time to go through the resumes.

Does anyone actually get hired from Indeed?

Resumes for job applications
Image: Abscent

According to a survey done by silk road, up to 35% of job interviews are awarded to people from Indeed, out of these, only 24% end up being hired.

In as much as you can get hired through Indeed, the aforementioned study suggests that you try applying for a position through current employee referrals.

If you happen to know anyone who works at the place you are looking to get hired to, or have ever worked with any of them, getting them to write you a recommendation letter goes a long way.

As per the statistics, 19% of job interviews are given to candidates with an employee recommendation. However, 28% of hires come from them.

To back up the above study, Future workspace states that 71% of HR recruiters think that the most desirable candidates are those who have employee recommendations.

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In retrospect, getting an interview through Indeed and backing it up with an employee referral makes you one of the most eligible candidates in the room.

Do companies look at Indeed applications?

Companies look at Indeed applications. However, they are not able to see all the information on your profile for privacy reasons. When a recruiter looks at your profile, all they see is your;

  • Indeed alias email address: every Indeed user is assigned an auto-generated email address upon opening an account, though all emails from Indeed inquires will still be sent to your normal email. 
  • Your location
  • Phone number (employers can only see your number if you show interest in the role)
  • Your resume and the results of any assessment tests you have taken. 

If your profile is public, employers can be able to see the following;

  • Name
  • City and State
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Assessments
  • Certifications

Is it worth taking Indeed assessments?

It is not mandatory to take Indeed assessment tests. However, you should consider doing so as they boost your chances of being hired by 30% as per Indeed’s statistics.

This is mostly attributed to the fact that skill assessment tests allow recruiters to consider you for job positions solely based on your skills and experience. This is despite your resume not matching up.  

Most recruiters receive hundreds of applications per listing. This makes it impossible for them to grasp what all the applicants bring to the table.

By using the assessment tests on Indeed, the time between recruitment and employment is reduced by a record 27%. Employers will have a clearer idea of the candidate’s ability to do the job at hand. Those who perform poorly at the tests are immediately eliminated.

A lady working on a laptop
Image: Drazen

Since the inception of these assessment tests on Indeed in 2018, users have taken more than 70 million tests. And up to 600,000 employers use them in their hiring process.

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Employers can select the skill tests they require their candidates to do. Those whose resumes match up will automatically receive the skill tests from Indeed.

Alternatively, you as a potential employee can do a couple of the said tests and add them to your resume on Indeed to boost the chances of being hired. Besides, you are reducing the chances of getting the not selected email automatically from Indeed.

Now you know what not selected means on Indeed

Applying for jobs can be very cumbersome if you don’t know where to find genuine listings. Sites like Indeed make the experience more bearable by compiling hundreds of similar listings into categories that are easy to find.

Also, they will respond within two weeks to inform you whether you are an eligible candidate for the job or if you were not selected. This way, it is easy to move on to other listings.

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