What does proficient mean on Indeed?

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Indeed offers a variety of assessments whose results you can add to your profile to let employers know how skilled you are. If you’ve taken one of these assignments, you may have seen the result proficient on your profile. What does it mean, and how will it impact your employment chances?

Since Indeed won’t notify you of the exact score, you might wonder whether proficient means you have passed or failed. A proficient score means that you have passed your assessment on Indeed.

Here, we’ll explain the proficient score in detail and look into other scores you can get when you take an assessment on Indeed.

Is proficient a good score in an Indeed assessment?

Yes, proficient is a good score on Indeed. It means that you have a thorough understanding of the subject topic and are competent in the skill you have been assessed on.

Therefore, if you scored this, you should display it on your resume, as it can help you land a job.

What is the highest score on Indeed assessments?

While a proficient score is good, it is not the highest. The highest level of assessment you can achieve is Expert.

Indeed has five scores that you can receive after taking an assessment. These are:

  • Completed: indicates you have completed an assessment test. Considered a failure as it is the lowest mark.
  • Familiar: shows slight understanding and minimal skills level.
  • Proficient: indicates you are quite knowledgeable and competent
  • Highly proficient: very knowledgeable and very competent.
  • Expert: indicates exceptional knowledge of the subject matter and expert-level skills in the areas tested.
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Is Expert better than highly proficient?

Indeed ratings
Most people on Indeed have a Proficient score.

Score-wise, an Expert assessment result is better than a highly proficient one. However, depending on what the employer is looking for, both results might come in handy.

For example, some employers want an employee who is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and will require minimal training.

On the other hand, some employers want employees who can learn on the job, so getting Highly Proficient in an assessment might come in handy.

However, you should know that the assessment results are not the only tools employers use to select candidates after viewing their applications. Other factors employers will consider are academic qualifications and experience. 

Do employers look at Indeed assessments?

Job seekers are split on whether Indeed assessment results are important or not. This is particularly because you don’t know your exact score, and a person who is not qualified in a subject can still score highly.

While these scores may seem meaningless, employers might still use the assessment, especially those who use them in the application process.

Besides, even if some employers don’t use them, having a good assessment result can only help to improve your resume, which can help you in a future job opportunity.

Does a proficient score matter?

The above is everything you need to know about the Indeed assessment results. They are an important part of the job application process and are used by some employers to assess candidate skills during the selection process.

Therefore, if you have taken an assessment and passed (proficient and higher), you might want to display the results on your profile.

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