What does “I applied” mean on Indeed?

Indeed, being one of the largest job boards in the world acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers looking for the perfect candidate.

After applying for a job, many job seekers are eager to know their application status, so they can take the next step. 

Understanding what the “I applied” message on Indeed means helps you to track jobs you’ve applied to, hence you can know your progress.

Here we explain further what the “I applied” message means on Indeed. We shall also shed light on how long it takes to get a response after applying for a job, as well as explain whether you can delete your application.

What does “apply with Indeed” mean?

The Indeed job board lists millions of job posts for candidates to apply for according to their qualifications. 

Therefore, every job seeker has the option to apply with Indeed for the job that they choose. 

The candidate can also choose to apply directly with the employer either using their contacts or the company website.

If you choose to apply with Indeed, you just click the “Apply Now” button which will direct you to complete the application process on the platform. 

Once you have completed it, your Indeed application status will automatically change to “I applied”.

How long does it take to get a response after applying for a job?

The duration it takes for an applicant to get feedback from an employer varies due to various reasons. 

For example, if the position advertised was an urgent one, the job applicants can receive a response from the employer within a week or even a day.

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However, some employers may take several weeks or months if the position is not considered urgent and they have a long hiring process, or if they have many applicants for the position. 

So, the time to know your Indeed application status depends on the nature of the position applied for as well as the nature of the company.

Can you delete your application on Indeed?

Job application rejected
Image: Fizkes

Indeed uses highly specialized algorithms that ensure the job website has a friendly and easy-to-use interface. 

Therefore, the applicant has some control over their account and job application process.   

If you want to delete your application on Indeed even after submitting it, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Indeed account.
  • Go to My Jobs
  • Highlight the job you want to delete.
  • Click Delete, and you are good to go.


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