Dunkin’ app is not working? Here’s the fix

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The Dunkin’ app was developed for Dunkin Donuts customers who like to order food from the restaurant but hate the hustle of the dine-in restaurants, such as long lines.

Since its inception, they have impeccable service, and customers hardly have complaints with the delivery.

However, sometimes the app experience some errors, which may be inconvenient. But this shouldn’t deter you from ordering your favorite foods.

How to troubleshoot the Dunkin’ Donuts app

Here are a few tips and tricks you may want to try when the Dunkin’ app is not working:

1. Reload the app 

Often than not, your app will not start or display a black screen because of a simple loading issue. If not, one of the apps you were previously using might have a bug interfering with the phone at large.

It would be best to close all previous screens by pressing the recent applications menu, which should be on the bottom left of your screen.

After that, close all opened apps, including the Dunkin’ app, then try again.

2. Update the app

Dunkin donuts app

Dunkin Donuts app errors may show up or the app may keep disconnecting if you are running on an older version that is no longer supported by your phone’s software.

In this case, open the Google app store or Apple store on your phone and check whether there is a pending update.

Assuming there is one, confirm that you have enough phone storage to accommodate the new update and that your Wi-Fi connection is very strong. If all the boxes check out, update your app and try operating it again.

Most phones usually save your login details, but if yours did not, log in afresh and try operating the app as usual.

3. Log out, then log in

If you are one of those people who usually have their Dunkin’ Donuts profile logged in on several devices, then sometimes you may face the issue of forceful log out or the app refusing to load.

This is usually because someone else has opened the app on one of your other devices, preventing you from doing the same.

If no one else has the app on, try changing the password, then try to log in again.

4. Check whether the VPN is on

Confirm whether you have your VPN on if the Dunkin’ app cannot connect or it keeps giving you the ‘loading error’ notification.

This app cannot maintain a steady connection if you have a VPN on, for some reason. Close the VPN, then try opening the app again.

If the same problem still lingers, then maybe the issue lies with your internet connection. First, make sure your Wi-Fi bandwidth is as it should be, and then try loading the app again.

If the internet is slow, consider switching to another network or mobile data.

5. Restart or reboot your phone

Dunkin' donuts

Most times, when your Dunkin’ app is not working, the problem might be that your phone has a bug or is malfunctioning.

To fix it, power it off, and wait a few minutes before powering it back on. This should do the trick.

If the aforementioned does not work, you need to reboot your phone. Do this by pressing the home button with the power button simultaneously for around ten seconds until the reboot icon appears on your screen. After rebooting, your problem should be solved.

If your phone doesn’t reboot, wait for it to drain power as usual, then charge it until the battery is full.

6. Clear app cache on your phone

If your Dunkin’ Donut app won’t accept payment despite keying in the proper credit card credentials, or it keeps kicking you out, then you should try clearing out its old cache data.

If you have an android phone:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Applications
  • Select the Dunkin’ Donuts app
  • Tap Storage
  • Clear the cache.

On the other hand, if you have an iOS device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Storage
  • Search for Dunkin Donut
  • Tap offload app

Frequently asked questions

These are the most commonly asked questions by users of Dunkin’ Donuts app with answers.

Why am I not getting Dunkin’ Donuts notifications about my order?

Dunkin donuts pack

It might be that you have not enabled notifications for this particular app in your settings. Follow the specific instructions for the device you are using to enable notifications.

Why does the Dunkin’ don’t app keep crashing?

The app server might be down, or many people are trying to log in simultaneously. Another reason Dunkin’ app is not working could be that your phone is running many applications at once and can’t handle it anymore.

Make sure to close the other applications before opening the Dunkin’ Donuts app. Alternatively, clear the cache, restart your phone, or update the app.

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