Amazon: We ran into an issue when attempting your delivery

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The message “We ran into an issue when attempting your delivery” by Amazon may be confusing. What kind of issue did they run into? Are you to blame, or is it solely the delivery person’s fault?

In the process of availing the goods to the customers, errors do occur, and Amazon may encounter an issue while attempting your delivery.

The message is sent when the person making the delivery fails to physically deliver the package because of a certain reason. One of the most common reasons for this is there was no one at the residence to pick the package.

There are other reasons as to why Amazon encountered an issue while delivering your package.

Why did my delivery attempt fail?

Your delivery may have failed because of the following reasons:

  • You included an incorrect address: Always counter-check to ensure that your address is correct to avoid losing packages.
  • No one is available to pick up your package: If you didn’t leave a designated drop spot and no one was in sight to pick up your package, you may get the delivery failed message.
  • The delivery personnel couldn’t reach your home: Confusing routes, insecure places, and other factors may contribute to the delivery person failing to reach your home.

This error is quite different from the Scheduled delivery changed to pending message or your package is stuck in transit. We discussed what you need to do in these two cases earlier.

Will Amazon re-attempt the delivery?

Once the delivery fails for the first time, you get a message, ‘Unfortunately, we ran into an issue when attempting your delivery. We will try again’.

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Amazon will re-attempt the delivery. The second delivery attempt is usually made 24hrs after a failed delivery.

I missed the second delivery attempt. What do I do?

Amazon’s policy for delivering packages is to re-attempt the delivery three more times. These attempts occur three consecutive days after the first day of the delivery attempt.

If you cannot collect your package after all the attempts, the package will be sent back to Amazon and marked as Undelivered.

Amazon will then issue you a full refund (including shipping charges). However, a certain amount is deducted from handling charges.

You will receive an email confirming the return and refund details within 48 hours of the undeliverable scan.

Is Amazon falsely claiming to have attempted the delivery?

Previous Amazon customers on Quora have noted that there are times when no attempt was made, yet they received the same message.

They expressed their dissatisfaction when Amazon informed them that a delivery attempt was made when they had been at home all day, and certainly no attempt was made.

As a cover-up, some drivers may claim that a delivery was attempted even though it was not if they cannot complete the deliveries they have.

So, reach out to Amazon should you encounter such an issue.

How do you increase the success rate of your first delivery?

You don’t want to miss out on your packages every other time. To increase your chances of getting your packages with the initial delivery:

  • Ensure you have entered the correct delivery address. According to Amazon, the preferred address must be residential and within an eligible zip code.
  • Indicate a drop-off point or ensure someone is available on the delivery day to collect the package.
  • Consider Same Day delivery if you need the package sooner or if you won’t be available on a later date.
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