Why Airbnb may lock your account for security reasons

Michael Ngabu

Sometimes, Airbnb may lock your account and inform you it is for security reasons. Unfortunately, such actions usually occur out of the blue, leaving you confused and frustrated, especially if you have made or received a reservation through your account.

Suspicious activity is one of the top issues that can cause your Airbnb account to be locked. Others include identity verification problems, problems with account payments, and violations of Airbnb terms.

Below is a detailed look at this problem and what you can do if you encounter it.

Reasons why Airbnb may lock your account and send a message that it is for security reasons

The following are some top reasons that can explain why your Airbnb account has been locked:

1. Suspicious activity on your account

Airbnb has many security procedures that protect users from fraudulent activity and other security concerns.

Therefore, suspicious activity, for example, repeated failed login attempts or logging in from a new device (or location), can trigger the company’s security protocols.

Incorrect password
Airbnb may lock you out of your account because of too many failed login attempts. Image: istock.com

Once your account is flagged, it is locked temporarily to safeguard your security. Airbnb may also notify you of this through SMS or email.

2. Identity verification issues

Airbnb requires all its users (hosts and guests) to verify their identity to improve trust when using the platform.

During the verification process, Airbnb may lock your account if the documents you have provided are invalid.

3. Violation of Airbnb Terms of Service

Airbnb can also lock your account if you have violated their Terms of Service. The violation might be detected during the routine review of Airbnb’s accounts.

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In addition, other users, for example, a host or a guest, can report you or request an account review on Airbnb, which can lead to you being banned.

4. Payment issues

You might also find that Airbnb has blocked your account for security reasons if you are experiencing payment issues. These can include repeated chargebacks and denied payments.

Airbnb may also lock your account after detecting suspicious transactions. Your account may remain locked until the payment issue is fixed.

However, serious issues, such as suspected fraudulent payment, can cause a lengthy or permanent ban unless you resolve the issue.

5. Violation of cancellation policy

Has Airbnb cancelled your reservation and blocked your account? You might have violated the company’s cancellation policy.

For example, if you are a guest, your account can be flagged if you cancel several reservations or make a booking and then fail to show.

Airbnb can also flag and lock your host account if you cancel on your guests too many times.  

Can you reactivate an Airbnb account?

Dealing with a locked Airbnb account can be very frustrating. However, it is possible to fix the issue and resolve the ban.

Resetting your Airbnb account
You can reset your Airbnb account through the web browser on your computer. Image: Unsplah/Oberon Copeland

One of the top ways to reactivate your account is to reset it, especially if it was locked due to suspicious activity.

To do this, go to the Airbnb password reset page and enter your email to receive a password reset link.

However, you might have to contact Airbnb Customer Support if your account has been locked for another reason, for example, violating the terms of service.

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In this case, the customer support team will direct you on what to do to restore your account.

The above are some reasons Airbnb may lock your account for security reasons. Fortunately, when this happens, you can regain access to your account by resetting the password or contacting the Airbnb customer support centre.

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