What does Private Entrance on Airbnb mean?

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When making a reservation at Airbnb, you might come across premises designated as having a private entrance. Unfortunately, it can be hard to decipher a host’s description of their place, especially if they don’t have enough pictures.

So, what exactly does private entrance on Airbnb mean? As the name implies, private entrance typically means a place has a private entry not used by the host or other people.

However, this definition may vary between hosts depending on the layout of their premises.

Below is a detailed look at the issue of private entrance, from the Airbnb definition to guests’ expectations.

What does private entrance mean?

Private entrance meaning on Airbnb, might vary from one host to another and one guest to another.

According to Airbnb company policy, hosts can label their places as having a “private entrance” as long as guests can come and go as they please without any interactions or restrictions with the host.

Airbnb private entry definition
Airbnb’s definition of Private Entry may differ from what we know according to a user on their forum.

However, according to complaints by some Airbnb users, some guests expect a private entrance to only be used by them and not others.

However, this is sometimes impossible, for example, when reserving an apartment or condo with a shared main entrance (security gate).

Does an Airbnb have to have a separate entrance?

Private entry is not a requirement for Airbnb hosting. The Airbnb private entrance filter is meant to cater to guests’ comfort, especially those fond of their privacy.

Therefore, as a host, you can still rent out your place even if it does not have a private entrance.

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However, it’s very important to correctly describe your place since users can get annoyed if they feel you are attempting to deceive them.

For example, according to some users’ complaints, some hosts wrongly describe their places as having a private entrance when renting out a private room.

The difference between a private entrance, a private room, and an entire place

Private entrance is not the only filter you will encounter when making a reservation. Others include a private room and an entire place.

So, what is the difference between all these Airbnb filters?

As mentioned, private entrance on Airbnb means the guests have private entry, which they don’t have to share with the host.

However, in some premises, this might mean the guests share a common gate with hosts or other people, but the entrance to their reserved room or apartment is completely private.

On the other hand, a private room means a bedroom room (with a door) where the guest can expect complete privacy.

However, the guests might have to share other facilities, such as the bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

Besides private rooms, some Airbnb locations offer shared rooms, where guests sleep in an area shared with other users. Top examples include hostels and dormitories.

Lastly, some Airbnb hosts offer an “entire place” where the guest has free use of the entire place. This means they won’t share it with anyone else – neither the host nor other guests.

The “entire place” filter also guarantees private entrance.

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Common examples of entire place premises include private apartments, condos, homes, and bungalows.

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What is your understanding of a private entrance on Airbnb? Let us know your expectations as a host or a guest!

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