Airbnb app is not working? Commons issues and solutions

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Airbnb is one of the most convenient apps on the internet, which allows owners to rent out their spaces, allowing travelers to find accommodation easily.

It is used by thousands of people worldwide, both hosts and guests. However, the app is not immune to issues, which can crop up at the most inopportune time, affecting your experience.

There are several Airbnb app issues that you might experience, whether you are a host or a guest. They range from network issues to problems logging in, making a booking, and paying, among others.

Below, we have compiled the most common of these issues and solutions you can use to fix them.

Common Airbnb app issues

Below are some of the most common issues you can experience when using the Airbnb app:

  • The Airbnb app is not loading
  • The Airbnb app keeps crashing
  • Can’t log into the Airbnb
  • The Airbnb calendar is not working
  • The payment feature is not working
  • Airbnb notifications not showing
  • Airbnb is not working on the Chrome browser

Fix the Airbnb app when it is not working

Below are top troubleshooting tips and solutions for the above Airbnb problems:

1. The Airbnb app is not loading

When using the Airbnb app, you might encounter a situation where the app is not loading (launching). The app can start but get stuck on a white or black screen.

The issue can occur for several reasons, such as corrupted cache and app data, inadequate storage, or even temporary glitches.

One of the best troubleshooting tips to attempt is to restart the app. More often than not, this will resolve any temporary glitches in the system.

However, if this does not work, you can restart your device.

Other solutions you can try include clearing the app and cache data. You can also try deleting some of your phone’s data to clear up storage space for the app.

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On top of that, you should ensure that the app is updated to the latest version. If these solutions don’t work, you should remove the app and reinstall a fresh, up-to-date version.

2. The Airbnb app keeps crashing

Airbnb app on a smartphone

Airbnb app crashing is another common issue you can encounter. Usually, it is due to a temporary glitch, but it can also occur due to faulty settings, a corrupted cache, or an out-of-date app.

To fix the problem, first attempt to restart the app. More often than not, re-launching it will fix whatever temporary glitch that was causing it to crash.

If the app is stuck, you can hard reboot your phone using the power and volume buttons (or the proper combination for your device).

Other solutions you can try include clearing cache and app data, clearing memory space, and updating your app to the latest version. If the issue persists, you should delete the app and reinstall it.

3. Can’t log into the Airbnb

Are you having trouble logging into Airbnb? Don’t worry! Login issues are among the most common Airbnb app problems reported by users. However, they are easy to troubleshoot and solve.

First, you should ensure you enter the right password and proper case letters. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the “forgot password” option.

Login issues can also occur if there is an Airbnb server error – the server is down or overloaded due to too many users. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this issue is to wait it out.

4. Airbnb calendar not working

If the Airbnb calendar is down, you can have problems booking, which can be pretty inconvenient.

There are several reasons why the calendar feature might fail, including an outdated app, temporary glitches, or an issue caused by a recent update of your phone.

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To fix the calendar issue, you can first try rebooting your device to help resolve any temporary glitches and bugs. Also, ensure you have updated your app to the latest version.

Another solution to the calendar problem is to delete the Airbnb app and reinstall a fresh version.

However, if the issue persists, you should try using Airbnb on your computer to manage the calendar.  

5. Airbnb payments are not working

Are you having trouble making payments on the Airbnb app? There are several reasons why you might be having trouble making payments. They include:

  • An expired credit or debit card – therefore, you need to check that your card is valid.
  • Problem with the billing address and name entered – check that you have entered the correct details in the payment section.
  • Fraud prevention – your credit card company or bank could block the card if it suspects suspicious activity. In this case, you need to contact them and sort out the issue.
  • Server issues on the Airbnb side – if Airbnb is experiencing downtimes, you will have problems making payments. The solution is to wait out the issue and try again after a few minutes.

If the Airbnb payment problems do not resolve, you might have to consider using another payment method.

6. Airbnb notifications not showing

Airbnb smartphone app

Airbnb notification issues are another common problem reported by many users. They can be pretty frustrating, preventing you from receiving automated updates and message notifications from the app.

They can occur due to several issues, including notifications being turned off, out-of-date apps, temporary glitches, corrupted cache, and data, among others.

Below is a look at how to fix the issue:

  • Go to the Airbnb app on your phone, select your profile, then settings, and ensure that notifications are turned on. If they had been set off, turning them on will start pushing them to your email.
  • Delete all the cache data (and possibly app data) from your phone’s app settings and restart the device. Doing this gets rid of any corrupted data interfering with notifications.
  • Clear the history and cookies and re-launch the session if using a browser.
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If the Airbnb notifications are still an issue, you should delete and reinstall the app.

7. Airbnb is not working on Chrome

Is Airbnb not working on Chrome? Unfortunately, the Airbnb app is not the only one with issues; the web version, too, can sometimes fail.

Problems with the Airbnb app issues usually occur due to corrupted cookies, out-of-date web browsers, and conflict with extensions or third-party apps.

To fix the issue, you should start by restarting the browser. Simply close the browser, launch it, and try using Airbnb again. If the issue persists, clear the history, delete all the cookies and restart the session.

An out-of-date browser is another reason you could be having issues using Airbnb. To fix the problem:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select About Chrome
  • Check if your browser is up to date. If not, update.

Extensions and third-party applications such as VPN and antivirus can also cause conflict with Airbnb. Disable them and try launching the website again.

If the issue persists, try another browser or use the Airbnb app.


Airbnb not working can be frustrating and leave you stranded in worst-case situations. Fortunately, you can fix most of the problems with the above troubleshooting tips and solutions.

However, if the problem you are experiencing persists, you should contact the Airbnb help centre for further troubleshooting help.

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