What does ‘application submitted’ mean on Indeed?

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Indeed is one of the top job boards on the internet, where you can find several job postings and apply directly through the site for the jobs you are qualified for.

It is a convenient platform that connects you to thousands of prospective employers. However, that does not make applying for jobs less stressful than standard applications.

One of the most confusing aspects of applying for a job through Indeed is the several application status updates they offer.

They include ‘application submitted,’ ‘I applied,’ ‘application under review,’ ‘application in progress,’ and so on.

Here’s a detailed look at what these statuses mean and how you can track your job application progress on the platform.

What does application submitted mean on Indeed?

Application submitted means on indeed means that your job application has gone through and is awaiting the employer or recruiter who posted the listing to take action.

The status will update to something else depending on the action taken.

For example, you can get a notification that says “Viewed by Employer,” which in this case means the employer or recruiter has opened and perused your application/resume.

How do I know if my application went through on Indeed?

Applying for a job on Indeed can be pretty confusing, especially if it is your first time.

When you find a job listing you think you are qualified for, you can apply for it by clicking on the “Apply Now” button, where you submit your application through the Indeed platform.

However, some job postings also offer the “Apply on Company Site” button, where you apply via Indeed but directly on the company website.

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Once you complete your application, you will get regular status updates. They will tell you whether your application has gone through, viewed, selected, or rejected.

To view your job application status, log on to your Indeed account and go to the “My Jobs” section (menu list under the profile icon).

From here, navigate to the “Applied” folder, where you will find a list of all jobs you have applied for. You would find the job posting in the “Applied” folder if your application went through.

You will also find the current status of your application next to the job posting, which will regularly update as the employer/recruiter takes action.

What is the difference between “application submitted” and “in progress?”

Application submitted is the first stage of your job application on Indeed. It means that your application has gone through and is awaiting action from the employer or recruiter.

On the other hand, application in progress means reception of your application by the employer and is currently in one of the human resource hiring stages.

However, you should note that application in progress does not mean you will get the job.

Instead, it means the employer is considering you and possibly several other candidates for the position.

You will get a job offer or rejection response depending on the outcome of the human resource hiring process.

What is the difference between application submitted and “I applied” on Indeed?

Application submitted and I applied are two status updates you can get when you apply for a job posting on Indeed.

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You will receive an “application submitted” status if you applied for the job on the employer’s site but via the Indeed platform.

On the other hand, you will see “I applied” when you apply for the job directly through Indeed.


Does Indeed tell you if you were rejected?

Rejection is a reality you must accept when applying for a job.

But unfortunately, some employers reject a candidate and don’t bother to inform them. Candidates will then keep their hopes for an offer going on unnecessarily for long periods.

First, you need to know that Indeed is not a recruitment platform but a job board that links you with potential employers.

Therefore, the employer must inform you when you are rejected, and most do so through email notifications.

However, Indeed also uses automated updates to let candidates know the status of their applications, depending on the employer’s action.

For example, once an employer selects a candidate, Indeed automatically sends a “rejected” notification to all other candidates.

Jobs are also marked as closed once an employer no longer considers candidates for the positions.


The waiting process after applying for a job post is not easy. It can be even more daunting when you are unsure what various status updates mean on Indeed.

You can track your application at each stage of the application and up to when you receive the job offer or rejection with the above information.

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