How to reset the Owlet base station in a few simple steps

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A baby is, by all means, a great blessing in a home. However, you can’t put off the anxieties that arise when thinking about the best way to monitor your baby’s well-being throughout the day and night.

Baby monitoring technology has provided an extra hand in taking care of the little ones and giving caregivers peace of mind.

An Owlet monitor is one of the technologies that provide excellent baby monitoring services.

Since it is such an important device in a home, it is vital that it always works at its optimum level. Let’s look at how the Owlet works and find out how to fix the different issues that may arise.

Knowing how to reset the Owlet base station can help to solve some of these issues.

How the Owlet works

owlet baby monitor

The Owlet comes with a small sock that you can lightly tie around your child’s foot. It can connect to the base station by pairing through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

The Bluetooth range that works best is up to a distance of about 10 feet. This smart sock measures the baby’s heart rate, sleep, and oxygen levels.

The Owlet monitor also comes with a free app found on both Google and Apple App Store called the Owlet Care app. The app requires a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the Owlet base.

The app collects the information from the smart sock and analyzes it into trends. You can access data from a day up to a whole month to help you understand how your baby is fairing.

How to download the Owlet app from the Google Play Store

  • Visit the Google Store
  • Search for the Owlet app and select ‘Install’
  • Open the app and follow the instructions to activate it
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How to download the Owlet app from the Apple Store

  • Visit the Apple store
  • Search for the Connected Care app and select ‘Get’
  • Once installed, open the app and follow instructions to activate it

How to turn on the owlet base

To turn on the owlet base, press the top of the base.

Once it turns on, you will hear a chirp. This chirp can be used as a confirmation that it is on.

How to turn off the owlet base

To turn off the owlet base, press the top for a few seconds.

This will turn it off immediately.

How to reset the Owlet base station

To reset the Owlet base station, follow these simple steps:

  • Plugin the base station to a power source
  • Press the main base button and the small registration button at the same time (pressing them for about 10 seconds hard resets Owlet)
  • Leave the buttons and wait for the reset to complete

By following these steps you will clear out the previous network credentials and you can reconnect it again to Wi-Fi.

Reconnecting the Owlet base to Wi-Fi

Once you reset the Owlet base station, here is how you can reconnect it to Wi-Fi:

  • Allow the base to search for available Wi-Fi networks for setup
  • On the app, select your internet provider to connect to the base
  • Enter your password

This will directly reconnect your base station to Wi-Fi. To check whether it working, turn over the base station to find a button with a green light. The green light means that the owlet base is successfully connected to Wi-Fi.

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If the Owlet base station Wi-Fi light is off, it is indicating that the base station is not connected to Wi-Fi. To correct this, repeat the Wi-Fi reconnection process.

The Owlet app won’t connect to the base? Here’s what to do!

The Owlet Connected Care app should be connected to the base station to access accurate readings.

However, when the Owlet app won’t connect to the base, do the following to fix it:

  • Take your smartphone to the same room as your router
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi internet is 2G (Owlet is not compatible with 5G)
  • Unplug the Owlet from the power source
  • Leave it for 5 minutes before plugging it in again
  • Uninstall the app on all your devices
  • Reinstall the app on all your devices
  • Open the app and search the settings
  • Select ‘Account’ and add your Wi-Fi network

The app will search and connect to the Owlet base. It will then connect the base to a compatible Wi-Fi network where you can select your added network and put in your password.

The connection process is complete and you can get up-to-date readings on the app. The above steps will help you resolve the owlet app can’t find the base station issue as well.

We have also created a troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing any other issues with the Owlet app.

The Owlet baby monitor is a handy gadget that is easy to install and use. Any uprising issues can be easily solved making it very user-friendly.

It is a baby monitoring technology that will help you look after your little one effortlessly.

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