Baby care


How to reset the Owlet base station in a few simple steps

A baby is, by all means, a great blessing in a home. However, you can’t put off the anxieties that arise when thinking about the best way to monitor your baby’s well-being throughout the day and night. Baby monitoring technology has provided an extra hand in taking care of the little ones and giving caregivers peace of mind. An Owlet monitor is one of the technologies that provide excellent baby monitoring services. Since it is such an important device in ...

Owlet app

Owlet app not working? How to fix

When the Owlet app is not working, parents who rely on it will find it hard to monitor their babies’ well-being. The critical nature of this app means that you need to fix it instantly. However, before applying any fix, it is important to know what causes this app to be problematic and how you can fix the issue. Some users have complained of the Owlet app crashing while others say that it doesn’t open at all. All these issues ...