Lorex Home app is not working? How to troubleshoot

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Has your  Lorex Home app malfunctioned, or is it no longer working? No need to worry anymore because we have compiled helpful tips to help you fix this problem.

Lorex Home app is free and compatible with Android and iOS smartphone devices. It also has a home center with integrated voice control such as Google or Alexa, which you can use to issue commands.

The app lets you see security cameras’ live and recorded videos anytime, anywhere. The Lorex Home app also allows you to change your system settings no matter where you are.

The most common reasons why the Lorex Home app is not working include;

1. An outdated version of the Lorex Home app

Though this is a good development, it can cause issues for users of the older version of the Lorex Home app using.

This may include issues such as the user’s inability to see events despite receiving notifications.

To fix this problem, uninstall the Lorex Home app and reinstall it. To do this, press the Lorex Home app on your device, hold, and click uninstall.

Then head to the App Store or Play Store and choose to install the Lorex Home app. Next, relaunch the app and then log in. If the app is the latest version, it will automatically resolve this problem.

Lorex Home app screen

It is advisable to always be on the lookout for the latest version of the Lorex Home app and update. This will ensure you don’t encounter such problems.

2. Using an outdated iOS version

If you use an iOS version older than iOS 14, you will realize that the Lorex Home app is not working with your iPhone. Or sometimes the Lorex Home app shows, “this device is not supported.”

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Therefore, you will need to update your iPhone operating system to iOS 14 or later. This should solve the problem. Apple has a detailed guide on updating iPhones and iPads.

Sometimes even after updating your device to iOS 14 or later, you may still be unable to detect and connect to the Lorex Home app.

In this case, launch the app, go to Settings and Enable the Local Network. This automatically makes your Lorex Home app compatible with your iOS device.

3. Network connection failure

A network connection failure is characterized by the Lorex Home app being always offline, even though it still shows a green light on the camera.

The first thing you should do is to confirm that the Lorex camera is well connected to power. You should also ensure that your internet connection is okay. If necessary, you can restart or reboot your modem/router. Then wait for about 5 minutes before you plug it in again.

After turning ON your mobile device and rebooting the router, you can reconnect the device to your Lorex Home app.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Lorex Home app
  • Tap Settings
  • Open Wireless Network
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to set up the camera

4. Failure to connect to the Lorex Wi-Fi camera

Lorex DVR
Image: Lorex technology

Users of Lorex Wi-Fi cameras on the Lorex Home app can experience several issues while trying to watch live videos.

For example, sometimes you can get error messages such as, “play error, click to refresh,” or it shows “uh, something went wrong.”

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In such cases, tap the refresh icon first to reconnect to the camera before advancing to other troubleshooting methods.

If the error alert persists, you can;

  1. Force it to close or quit the Lorex Home app. Then, relaunch it and see if the error persists.
  2. Uninstall and then reinstall your Lorex Home app.
  3. Unplug your router/modem for about 5 minutes, then plug it back. Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect to your camera again.
  4. Ensure there are not too many objects between the router and your device. This can affect the signal quality.

5. Push notifications are not working

Some users find that their Lorex Home app is not sending notifications. This can happen if notifications have, in one way or another, been disabled either on the Lorex and FLIR FX camera or your smartphone.

To solve this issue, ensure that notifications for each camera are enabled on your smartphone. In the case where the notifications are off, you can turn them on by;

  1. Launching the FLIR FX application on your device.
  2. Press the menu icon just at the camera list display.
  3. Tap the notification icon to enable it if it has been disabled.

Also, remember that notifications will be hidden if automatic triggers are not enabled.

To enable automatic triggers;

  • Open each camera’s Live View
  • Tap Settings Icon
  • Select Automatic Triggers
  • Enable the triggers and save

If you are still not receiving notifications, consider checking whether notifications are enabled in your phone’s settings.

Also, putting your phone in an Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb can hinder notifications from showing.

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6. You’ve forgotten your password

Another important thing is knowing how to reset your Lorex Home app password if you’ve forgotten it and can’t log in.

Just note that changing the Lorex Home account’s password does not necessarily affect the passwords used in your other Lorex devices.

Here is a guide on how you can reset your password;

  1. Relaunch the Lorex Home app on your smartphone device.
  2. When asked to log in, tap the, Forgot password option. Then enter your email and your new password.
  3. Tap on getting the activation code icon.
  4. You will then receive an email with the verification code. Enter the code and tap OK.
  5. You can now log in with your new password.

We’ve also explained how to reset the Lorex DVR without a password.

You can use these simple steps to troubleshoot on your Lorex Home app. Most of the time, if you follow them, they will work.

If the problem persists and you cannot find a solution outlined above, do not hesitate to contact the Lorex Home App support services. You can also visit the FAQ on the Lorex Home app website to see whether your questions have been answered.

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