How to fix the “photo can’t be posted” error on Instagram

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Are you having trouble posting your photo on Instagram? What could be causing the issue, and how can you fix it?

Instagram allows you to share your photos with family, friends, and your online followers. However, you can experience the “photo can’t be posted” error, which is annoying, from time to time.

Fortunately, you can fix the “photos can’t be posted” error on Instagram, starting with troubleshooting to find out what is causing the issue.

Most of the time, it is usually something as simple as an internet connection problem, which you can fix by restarting your router, boosting the Wi-Fi signal, or switching to another network.

However, more issues could be causing the problem, and likewise, several other solutions you could try. Below, we have compiled all the top causes that could be preventing you from posting a photo on Instagram and various fixes to try.

What causes “photo can’t be posted” on Instagram error?

There are several reasons why you could be getting the Instagram photo can’t be posted message. They include:

  1. You have a faulty or unstable internet connection
  2. Instagram servers are down
  3. Your image exceeds the maximum allowed size by Instagram
  4. Your photo violates Instagram terms of service
  5. Corrupted cache files
  6. Your device does not have enough storage
  7. A bug or glitch in the Instagram app

How to fix photo can’t be posted error on Instagram?

Instagram app
Image: Bombus Creative

Here are some top fixes that can help you get rid of the “photo can’t be posted message” on Instagram:

1. Check the internet connection

One of the main reasons you might be having problems posting photos on Instagram is internet connectivity issues.

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Therefore, before trying anything else, first, make sure that your network is active and stable. Some of the issues that could be affecting your network include:

  • A glitch or bug in the router causing a connection problem – rebooting the router will quickly fix this.
  • Weak Wi-Fi signal – moving your device closer to the router or using a wired connection will fix the issue.

Sometimes, the issue could be on the ISP’s side. In such a case, you can contact them to fix the problem or wait it out. Alternatively, you can switch to another network and try uploading your photos.

In other cases, the issue could be on Instagram’s side, where the site could be down or suffering from a glitch or bug.

Unfortunately, if this is the issue, the only solution is to contact the Instagram support desk and then wait it out.

2. Check your image size

Image: Goc Men

Instagram has a maximum image size of 1080 by 1350 pixels. Usually, when your image is larger than that, the site reduces it to the allowed size.

However, this function may experience a glitch from time to time, preventing you from posting the photo. You can easily fix the issue by reducing the image size using photo editing software.

3. Make sure your photo is compliant with all Instagram regulations

Instagram has several community guidelines that you must adhere to when posting any content. If your photo violates these guidelines, you will likely get the “photo can’t be posted” error.

Examples of some violations include:

  • Posting copyrighted photos
  • Uploading images that show nudity
  • Posting photos that foster violence
  • Posting photos that foster or glorify unlawful acts
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Before posting your photo, check all the community guidelines first. If your image is in violation, edit it or choose another, then try reposting it.

4. Clear your device’s cache and storage

If you can’t post pictures on Instagram from a computer or smartphone, you might be dealing with corrupted cache files. Your device’s cache stores files that make it easier and faster to load web pages.

However, the files may become corrupted, leading to several issues when accessing a web page or mobile app. Luckily, clearing the cache will remove any corrupted files, restoring your device’s functionality.

Aside from cache, you might want to clear your device’s storage (mainly for mobile devices) if it is full. Inadequate storage space may affect several functions of your smartphone, including being unable to post images on Instagram and other apps.

5. Restart your device

Restart an Android device

Restarting your device might seem like overrated advice, but it usually does the trick. Most of the time, errors like these are caused by a temporary software glitch on your phone, PC, or app you are using.

Restarting the device reboots system files and settings (for example, network settings), removing these glitches.

6. Modify your data settings on the Instagram app

Are you using cellular data to post your photo on Instagram? It could be that your app is limiting your data usage.

This situation can occur if you have activated the data saver option, which restricts the data you can use when not on a Wi-Fi network.

Luckily, you can fix the issue and share your perfect moments with the world by turning the data-saving option off. To do this, tap the “three-line” menu icon on your app dashboard and go to Settings > Account > Cellular Data Use and turn off Data Saver.

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Getting the “photo can’t be posted” error message on Instagram is never a fun experience. However, with the above information, you can be able to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

If the solutions above don’t work, you might want to contact Instagram Help Centre for more troubleshooting help.

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