How to fix Instagram ‘couldn’t load activity’ error

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world today. Not only is it a way for people to catch up on what their friends and loved ones are doing, but it is also a great marketing tool for businesses.

This is why it can be very inconvenient whenever Instagram displays a glitch such as the ‘could not load error’.

Troubleshooting the Instagram “couldn’t load activity” error

In this article, we have outlined troubleshooting solutions that will help you solve your issue.

1. Restart the app

Restarting the app almost always solves any Instagram error. All you need to do is close all opened apps, wait a few minutes, then open Instagram again.

For example, it could be that one of the apps you have opened was preventing Instagram from operating normally. By restarting, Instagram will launch afresh eliminating the glitches.

2. Restart your phone

Restart an Android device

If the above tip does not work, try powering off your phone for a few minutes. This will give the phone a chance to clear away any bug causing your problem.

Restarting also helps to clear the cache from the app. After a few minutes have elapsed, power on your phone, then open your Instagram app as you would normally.

3. Reinstall the app

If you have constant internet and have enabled updates, your Instagram app probably updated itself without your notice. The new version may not work well with your phone.

To rectify the issue;

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Search for Instagram
  • Select Delete App
  • Go to the Play Store and install an older version of the app
  • Make sure you have enough storage and a strong internet connection for this to work
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You should now be able to launch Instagram as you would normally. The error should be gone. If not, proceed with the next tip.

4. Reset your password

Once Instagram detects that there has been a fraudulent login attempt, there are high chances that it will start experiencing random errors.

To rectify this, you will need to;

  • Go to the Instagram Settings bar, located on the upper right of the homepage.
  • Scroll to the bottom until where you will see the Logout option. Click to log out.
  • Give it a few minutes before you try to log in again. But instead of keying in your password, request to change it.
  • The app will ask you some security questions, such as the last password you remember before allowing you to set up a new password.
  • Please key in your new password and confirm it

Log in with your new password and try accessing the feed.

5. Check third party apps

Contrary to popular opinions, Instagram third-party apps are illegal. These apps help you gain more followers, help plan your feed, etc. They might be the ones causing the error on your account.

You need to delete all of them and then try logging into the app afresh. If it still does not work, try reinstalling the app then uninstalling it again.

6. Switch your Instagram account type

Instagram app
Image: Bombus Creative

Try switching your account type from standard to professional. Instagram usually prioritizes professional accounts to normal ones hence why your issue can be immediately resolved.

Also, both accounts have almost the same features apart from being able to add music, so you will not be missing much. Besides, you can always revert it.

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In order to switch accounts;

  • Press the upper right button on your phone
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click on Switch to Professional

If you want the old account type, then feel free to switch it back after a couple of hours to see if the error will have been solved.

7. Clear app data and cache

It is possible that the error you are experiencing is being caused by the accumulation of too much cache, which is causing the app to malfunction.

If this is the case, you are required to clear it up manually.

Assuming you have an iOS device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Select iPhone Storage
  • Peer down until you see Instagram, then click on it
  • Select Offload App
  • Launch the App Store
  • Key in Instagram on the search bar, then reinstall it.

Couldn’t load activity error on Instagram fixed!

If none of the tips mentioned above work for you, then it is time you contacted support.

You can do so by emailing them with your problem as the subject line or texting them through any other social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

Most people think they reply faster on Twitter, but there is no way of confirming or denying the said allegation.

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