Is FM WhatsApp Safe? Here’s What You Really Need to Know

Kiragu Sylvia

FM WhatsApp promises increased modifications and extra features. With these enticing extras, it positions itself as a more feature-rich alternative to regular WhatsApp.

But is FM WhatsApp safe? Well, likely not. While the additional features seem appealing, the mod lacks critical security protections and endorsements officially provided by Meta. As an unauthorized mod, there are inherent risks to data and privacy. 

This article will thoroughly investigate whether this modification is safe, what its features are, and more.

What Is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is an unofficial moded third-party variant of the popular WhatsApp messenger. It is made from the original closed-source WhatsApp codebase and has been augmented through a process known as forking to add more features.

As such, it cannot be downloaded directly from official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So you have to download FM WhatsApp from third-party websites offering the APK file for Android devices or app file for iOS devices.

FM WhatsApp’s Features

This modified version of WhatsApp has the following features:

Themes Store

  • Access hundreds of themes from the YoThemes Store
  • Download and customize themes, icons, fonts, etc.
  • Special emoji packs like Facebook, Android P, etc

Privacy Features

  • Hide online status, hide “typing” indicator
  • Disable blue ticks (read receipts)
  • Increased control over who can see profile photo, about section

Media Sharing Capabilities

  • Send up to 90 images in one go instead of just 30
  • Share files up to 700MB (vs 100MB on WhatsApp)
  • Additional supported formats: APK, RAR, ZIP, etc.
  • Share images in original quality with no compression
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Message Recall and Deletion

  • Delete messages for everyone up to 48 hours after sending
  • Recall deleted messages from the recipient’s phone during the same period

App Security Features

  • Passcode lock and fingerprint lock capability
  • Change the default launch icon for the app
  • Customize notification bar icons

Is FM WhatsApp Fake or Real?

FM WhatsApp is not a real standalone platform. It has merely replicated and piggybacked on the existing WhatsApp infrastructure through unofficial modification.

Without WhatsApp’s core framework, FM WhatsApp apk would not function. It relies entirely on copy-pasting from the original WhatsApp code to work.

The developers have just tweaked certain interface elements and added plugins.

Is FM WhatsApp Safe for Private Messaging?

FM WhatsApp is generally not safe for messaging
FM WhatsApp is generally unsafe for messaging. Image: Unsplash/philiporoni

No, FM WhatsApp is generally not safe, and here is why:

1. Lacks End-to-End Encryption

FM WhatsApp lacks end-to-end encryption offered by official WhatsApp, exposing chats and media to potential hacking vulnerabilities. It also remains unclear how the mod handles user data, if they log conversations, or share private info with unknown third parties.

2. Potential Unauthorized Access Risks

By necessity, FM WhatsApp requests intrusive device permissions to function. But, without accountability, these access rights could be exploited for device data harvesting or surveillance without user consent. 

3. Device Performance Issues

FM WhatsApp is only optimized for additional features rather than performance or security. It poses device compatibility risks, from performance glitches to full-on crashes. 

4. No Clear Way to Receive Updates

This moded version does not receive vital security patches, or fixes rolled out to official WhatsApp. This leaves mods prone to old loopholes that allow sneaky malware attacks to defeat already addressed vulnerabilities in original platforms.

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5. Security Infrastructure Issues

FM WhatsApp operates outside WhatsApp infrastructure and bypasses its security mechanisms through unofficial modifications. This opens vulnerabilities an endorsed app would not have.

Does FM WhatsApp Leak Data?

FM WhatsApp, being an unofficial third-party modification, lacks transparency about its data handling practices.

As such, there is a high risk that it could potentially leak user data, such as personal messages, to unknown entities without user consent or knowledge. So, overall, is FM WhatsApp safe from data leaks? Well, no. 

Is FM WhatsApp Legal?

No, it is illegal as it involves unauthorized modification and distribution of WhatsApp’s proprietary code. This amounts to intellectual property theft.

Decompiling and altering WhatsApp’s closed-source code without permission from the copyright holder (Meta Inc) violates the terms of service and software licenses. 

Which Is Better: FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp?

Neither FM WhatsApp nor GB WhatsApp is better or recommended. Both are illegal modifications of the official WhatsApp application.

These unauthorized mods infringe on WhatsApp’s intellectual property rights, lack necessary encryption, and pose device security issues.

Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp

Here are the key disadvantages of using this third-party modification:

  • There is no official website or trusted source to download from
  • No support team or customer service for issues
  • The challenge in getting updates and new feature releases
  • Risk of the account being banned by WhatsApp for mod violation
  • Compatibility issues with newer Android/iOS versions
  • Battery drain and performance impact on device
  • Lack of quality assurance and testing

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