10 best free DAB radio apps for Android and iPhone

If your phone has the FM receiver chip activated, you can download free DAB radio apps to listen to local and terrestrial FM radio. Unlike conventional radio apps, DAB radio apps use less data and power.

You can listen to DAB radio through these apps during times of emergency, and they can work well even when cell towers are down.

When you download the DAB app on a device with the FM receiver chip, you only have to use your stereo or headphone cable as an antenna to receive local FM radio signals. The advantage is that these apps also work in your car.

Top 10 Free DAB radio apps for Android and iPhone

With that said, these are the best DAB radio apps that work on Android and iPhone:

1. DAB Radio App

DAB Radio Tuner
  • Developer: My Gold Apps
  • Pricing: Free

DAB Radio is one of the best free DAB radio apps you can find. Although the app looks simple, it is the best for listening to the radio without headphones.

The DAB Radio App lets you listen to Danish, French, Swiss, UK, Australian, Austrian, and other global radios for free. 

Besides DAB radio, the app is the best for streaming FM and AM radio.

2. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio app
  • Developer: TuneIn Inc.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Website: tunein.com

TuneIn is the best app if you are looking for DAB for Apple CarPlay. It lets you stream local AM and FM stations, plus over 100,000 global stations.

You can listen to live news, sports coverage, and podcasts. Additionally, TuneIn has all the trustworthy networks, including BBC, CNN, and CNBC.

TuneIn works on all devices, including Android Auto and native support for other automobiles.

3. myTuner Radio

MyTuner Radio
MyTuner Radio web interface

If you want to get DAB radio on iPhone and Android, myTuner Radio is one of the best apps to download. The app Radio lets you listen to internet radio stations and podcasts for free.

myTuner Radio also allows you to tune in to all live radio stations, whether AM, FM, or Com. Furthermore, you can listen to over one million free podcasts, all ranked per country.

4. DAB-Z

DABZ Radio
The DAB-Z Radio user interface

DAB-Z is the best app to listen to Digital Radio from the head unit in your car. It requires a USB DAB/DAB+ adapter that you must plug into your device and start listening to the radio.

Although it is one of the best DAB radio apps for Android Auto, DAB-Z also works with tablets and mobile phones. However, the devices must have a USB host capability to work with the app.

5. BBC Sounds

BBC Radio
The BBC Radio interface
  • Developer: BBC Media App Technologies
  • Pricing: Free
  • Website: bbc.co.uk

BBC Sounds is the only app that gives you the best experience of listening to BBC audio. 

It has all your favorite programs from the BBC, including podcasts, radio stations, and music. 

BBC Sounds also lets you listen to live sets and live BBC radio stations and shows. 

You can pause and rewind live radio, see past and future schedules, or continue listening to where you left off.

6. RadioApp


RadioApp is the best DAB app for Android car radio if you are in Australia. It lets you listen to Australian radio for free, including over 350 Australian radio stations.

RadioApp lets you stream news, music, talk shows, and sports. You can also set up an app to listen to the radio in your car.

Furthermore, RadioApp lets you change stations by swiping through commercial, SBS, ABC, and DAB+ digital radio stations across Australia.

7. RadioPlayer

RadioPlayer UK

RadioPlayer lets you listen to hundreds of UK radio stations for free. The app has lots of content, including music, news, sports, podcasts, and other shows.

RadioPlayer is also the best DAB radio for cars. You can use it in your car through Android Auto integration.

8. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio app
  • Developer: iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Website: iheart.com

iHeartRadio is a great app for discovering new radio stations, music, and podcasts. You can stream thousands of live radio stations and playlists on your preferred device.

iHeartRadio lets you collect songs you love and add them to the favorites tab. That allows you to personalize stations and only listen to what you want.

9. Top Radio

Top Radio App
  • Developer: Radio Station & Podcast S.R.L.
  • Pricing: Free

Top Radio brings you radio stations from across the world for free. It has over 70,000 radio stations, including talk shows, music, and news.

Top Radio broadcasts its content digitally. Therefore, it is easy on your battery and does not require headphones.

10. Simple Radio

Simple Radio app
  • Developer: Streema, Inc.
  • Pricing: Free
  • Website: streema.com

Simple Radio lets you tune in to FM, AM, and online radio stations. It gives you access to unlimited music, live sports, and news.

Simple Radio has over 70,000 stations. However, you can listen to your favorite radio stations if your device has a radio tuner.

What do you need to listen to DAB radio?

You require a few things to listen to DAB-enabled radio. These include a DAB antenna, power source, and access to a DAC multiplex. 

Although an internet connection is optional, having it offers more listening options. 

However, if you do not want to collect all these items, download a free DAB radio app for iPhone or Android. 

Can you listen to DAB radio on the phone without the internet?

Your phone hardware determines whether you can listen to DAB radio without the internet. Generally, you require a phone with an in-built DAB tuner. The only problem is that a few of these phones exist.

However, phones with a built-in FM chip can receive radio signals from the nearest broadcasting stations. 

Also, if your Android phone has an FM tuner, you can listen to DAB radio by downloading a compatible app. The best app to consider is NextRadio.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the TuneIn app for Apple CarPlay to listen to DAB radio.

If your phone isn’t DAB-ready, consider these apps that let you stream radio offline.

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