Can you watch TVB Anywhere outside Hong Kong?

TVB Anywhere is a pay-TV platform by Television Broadcasts Limited, a Hong Kong television station. 

Although TVB is based in Hong Kong, it launched TVB Anywhere to capture the non-Hong King audience, especially the Chinese living outside Hong Kong.

You can watch TVB Anywhere outside Hong Kong via a mobile application called TVB Anywhere+. The app is available for all Android, iOS, and Huawei.

Although you can watch TVB Anywhere outside Hong Kong, the service is unavailable in all countries. Also, the service has free and premium packages, each with unique features.

How to watch TVB Anywhere outside Hong Kong

If you are in Hong Kong, you require a TVB Anywhere box to watch content from TVB. The Android TV box has a Bluetooth remote, HDMI Cable, AC adaptor, and LAN Cable.

Once you have the hardware, you can set up the TV box to watch TVB Anywhere on TV or stream Chinese movies and TV shows. But outside Hong Kong, you do not need the box.

TVB Anywhere Box

Instead, you require the TVB Anywhere+ app, a legitimate OTT service exclusive to worldwide audiences.

It has a huge archive of TVB dramas and other shows on demand. You can stream the latest releases to the most classic titles. 

Furthermore, the app follows your viewing habits and recommends the best titles based on recent shows.

Can you download videos on TVB Anywhere?

You can download videos on TVB Anywhere+, an app only accessible outside Hong Kong. However, the download option is only available for premium users.

If you want to download a video:

  • Go to the video page on the TVB Anywhere app
  • Select a TV show and go to the list of episodes.
  • Click on the Download sign on the right of each episode. 
  • Wait for your video to start downloading.

Is TVB Anywhere free outside Hong Kong?

When you download the TVB Anywhere+ app, you can watch TVB programs for free if you aren’t in Hong Kong. However, TVB Anywhere+ has premium content, which isn’t free.

Therefore, you can subscribe to the premium content to enjoy a greater archive of video-on-demand and the latest releases. Furthermore, the premium service has Live TV.

The premium service costs $4.49 monthly or $45.8 annually. The plan renews automatically the next month. 

However, you can cancel anytime and continue with the free plan. Unfortunately, you cannot live stream TVB with the free plan.

Is TVB Anywhere available in the USA?

TVB Anywhere is available in the United States and Canada. The only difference is that you cannot access the service via the TVB Anywhere+ app. 

Instead, users in the USA and Canada can watch Chinese shows outside China via TVB Anywhere+ North America or

TVB Anywhere+ availability
TVB Anywhere+ availability

Does TVB Anywhere+ have subtitles?

Most drama titles on the TVB Anywhere+ app are in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. 

However, you can get Chinese, English, and Bahasa Indonesia titles if you do not speak these languages. 

Where is TVB Anywhere restricted?

Although you can watch TVB Anywhere outside Hong Kong, the service is unavailable in Mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong. 

Users in Macau require a specific service that can only be accessed in Macau.

How many devices can watch TVB simultaneously?

TVB has free and premium content. You can only watch TVB videos on one device if you enjoy free content. 

However, premium users can only enjoy two concurrent viewings. They can also share the viewing with friends or family members anywhere worldwide.

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