Is GB WhatsApp safe? The truth about using modified WhatsApp versions

GB WhatsApp – we’ve all seen it floating around and are tempted to install it. This modified version of the popular messaging app promises cool new features and customization options. But is GB WhatsApp safe?

Well, the short answer is no. Using this modified version of WhatsApp does come with significant risks.

The app is made by a third party, which means the official WhatsApp developers have not vetted it. Hence, there’s no guarantee it doesn’t contain bugs, vulnerabilities, or malware.

These are but a few concerns. Read on to know more about why the application is not safe and the disadvantages of downloading it.

What does GB WhatsApp mean? What does it entail?

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial third-party and modified version of the WhatsApp messaging app.

It is rumored to have been developed by a programmer known as Atnfas Hoak or Omer, who is based in the UAE, in 2018.

Unlike the original application created and maintained by Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook), GB does not have an official website or dedicated development team.

Through reverse engineering, this third-party mod unlocks capabilities beyond core WhatsApp’s functionality and interface. Some of the key GB WhatsApp features that make it different from the regular version include:

Enhanced privacy controls

  • Hide online status
  • Hide typing indicators
  • Hide double ticks for read receipts
  • Hide “seen” timestamps

Higher media sharing limits

  • Send files up to 50MB
  • Share up to 90 images at once
  • Send audio and video up to 1GB

Enriched status features

  • Download others’ status posts
  • Increased status character limit to 255
  • 5-minute video statuses

Better chat controls

  • Hide chats from the main view
  • Password protect chats
  • Forward messages without credits

Other features include:

  • Anonymous status viewing
  • 30-second GIFs instead of 6 seconds

Is WhatsApp GB secure? How does it impact your device’s security?

So, is GB WhatsApp safe to use? Well, here are the main security concerns that come with the use of this unofficial mod:

1. It opens you to hacking and spam

Meta, the owner of the original WhatsApp, has not vetted this app. So, there could be vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Once you download GB WhatsApp, hackers can access your messages, contacts, files, and more.

Using GB WhatsApp can leave you vulnerable to hacking and spam attacks
Using GB WhatsApp can leave you vulnerable to hacking and spam attacks. Image: Unsplash/@Michael Geiger

There’s also no assurance that your chats are encrypted end-to-end, making you an easy target for spam and phishing attempts.

What’s more, the app has not been verified by the App Store or Google Play Protect.

2. No guarantee of stability

Without Meta’s ongoing oversight, unresolved code issues are likely. The lack of stability could corrupt your chats or contacts.

3. Risks of viruses and malware

Modified apps often contain malware payloads. This malicious software can steal data, brick devices, run up bills, and cause other harm. With no source code visibility, viruses could lurk inside.

Is GB WhatsApp safe for video calls?

There is no assurance that video calls made through GB WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. This means your call content could potentially be intercepted and monitored. So, it’s not safe to make video calls with this app.

Is GB WhatsApp illegal?

Yes, here’s a look at some of the ways this modified version of WhatsApp violates laws and policies.

  • Breaches WhatsApp Terms of Service: WhatsApp Terms of Service is a legally binding contract prohibiting mods that reverse engineer WhatsApp’s code and impair functionality. Breaking these terms of service can lead to account bans.
  • Infringes WhatsApp’s copyright: The core codebase of GB WhatsApp is copied directly from the original WhatsApp, owned by Meta. Modifying and distributing this copyrighted code without permission constitutes copyright infringement.
  • Skirts app store reviews: By distributing GB WhatsApp outside legitimate app stores, the developers avoid required reviews that prohibit unstable/insecure apps. This method of distribution is often deemed unlawful.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

Other than being illegal and causing security concerns, this mod has the following disadvantages:

  • Risks account ban
  • Prone to crashing
  • No assurance of timely updates and fixes
  • Lacks support or accountability from any developer
  • It is confusing for less tech-savvy users unfamiliar with third-party mods
  • No reliable or official download sources
  • Distracting interface clutter from excessive features
  • Rapid battery drain as spyware and unoptimized code saps power quicker
  • Uses more storage as it weighs more than the official WhatsApp

Have your say!

In light of all the above concerns, it’s clear that this mod poses more problems than it is worth for most users. But what do you think – is GB WhatsApp safe enough for your messaging needs?


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