Top 10 free apps that turn pictures into cartoons

Tim Vickers

Are you a fan of photography? Nowadays, smartphones have become the go-to tool for taking great pictures that capture cool and fun moments in your life.

But what if you could make these moments even more interesting with the best free apps that turn pictures into cartoons?

Thanks to apps that offer photo filters, you can take your otherwise ordinary photos and turn them into exciting ones. And when it comes to filters, cartoons rank among the best and the most fun.

These are the best apps that make pictures look like cartoons:

1. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Clip2Comic is one of the best caricature apps for iPhone users.

It is a free application that comes with loads of photo editing features that allow you to create high-quality cartoons from your photo.

Clip2Comic can also edit your videos, turning them into fun animated clips. On top of that, it comes with a deformation filter, which makes your cartoons and caricatures look even more fun.

Download Clip2Comic from iOS

2. Prima Cartoonizer

A cartoonized image of a man on phone
An image that has been cartoonized using Prima. Image: PrimaCartoonizer

Prima Cartoonizer is hands down the best PC app for turning your pictures into cartoons. It is not only easy to use, but also comes with more features than most of its competitors.

With this app, you can turn your picture into a caricature in just a few clicks.

Thanks to readily available templates, over 50 amazing effects, and editable cartoon stickers, you are guaranteed that your cartoonish photos will be better and unique.

Whether you intend to use Prima Cartoonizer on social media, profile pictures, or commercially, this tool provides you with an easier and faster way to turn your photos into cartoons.

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Download Prima Cartoonizer for PC

3. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is one of the top photo art apps for Android users.

It comes with more than 30 cartoon effects and artistic filters, which allow you to create amazing cartoon pictures.

The user interface is easy to use, meaning that you will have your fun pics in just a few seconds. On top of that, the app allows you to sync your photo data from the app.

Download Clip2Comic from Android | iOS

4. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor is a popular photo editing app that can turn your ordinary pictures into amazing works of art. Among the several filters and effects, it comes with is the cartoon yourself option.

It also comes with image enhancement tools such as exposure, brightness, contrast, and sharpness control, which allows you to fine-tune your cartoon photos.

Download Prisma Photo Editor from iOS | Android

5. Cartoon Pictures – Photo Editor

Cartoon App

Looking to convert your photos to cartoons in just a single click? Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor is a great choice.

It comes with a variety of cartoon filters as well as image blending tools, sketch effects, and other filters that allow you to change the color and style of your photos.

Download Cartoon Photo Editor for Android

6. Meing – 3D Avatar & Chat

Meing is a facial reconstruction technology app, which comes with a range of tools that allows you to create a 3D avatar of yourself.

With the app, you can even change your face, body features, hairstyle, and clothes, making your 3D cartoon look even more attractive.

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Download Meing from iOS

7. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr is a free photo-editing application that comes with a range of image-enhancing tools.

Among the effects, it comes with include cartoon filters that make your photos look cool and funny.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. It also comes with a web version, making it one of the best tools to turn your photos into illustrations online.

Download Cartoon Pixlr from Android

A cartoonized image of Will Smith
Image: Pinterest/Ronnie8090

8. ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects

Want to turn photos into line drawings? ArtistA is a great photo to cartoon app that can help.

It comes with lots of filters and effects, including cartoons, sketches, and lots of art styles that allow you to create art masterpieces from your ordinary photos.

With this app, you will have lots of fun exploring your creative skills.

Download ArtistA from Android | iOS

9. Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters

Painnt is another one of the best cartoon picture apps for the iPhone. It comes with over 2,000 art and cartoon filters that allow you to convert your photos into really interesting art creations.

You can choose from classic filters that make your pics look like they have been painted by legendary artists, to more modern filters that give an urban look.

Download Painnt from Android | iOS

10. MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers

With more than 300 million downloads so far, MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers is without a doubt one of the most popular convert photos to cartoon app.

With the app, you can convert your photo into cartoons, or turn them into caricatures. You can also add stickers, for example, fashion accessories.

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On top of that, you can change facial expressions, hairstyles, etc.

Once you get the photos you desire, you can then share them with family, friends, or even the MomentCam community for a chance to win exciting prizes and awards for your creativity.

Download MomentCam from Android | iOS

If you are bored with the ordinary look of your photos, the above are some of the best apps to cartoon yourself that can make them more exciting.

All these apps to turn pictures into cartoons that are listed here are free and come loaded with filters, effects, and image-enhancing tools.

They will not only make your photos look unique, but give you a chance to exploit your creativity.

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