10 best apps to turn pictures into paintings (free & paid options)

Tim Vickers

You can easily turn your pictures into paintings right from your phone with the help of apps.

Whether you want to turn a photo into an oil painting or eye-catching art with the right color saturation and contrast, there’s an app that does that. You can then share or print the image.

Since apps that turn photos into paintings or works of art use artificial intelligence to analyze a picture and apply the correct filter, there are those that do it better than others.

The best apps will give you dozens of tools and variations that will make your pictures look like the 16th-century oil painting or achieve a High Renaissance style perfected by Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

These are the best apps for turning pictures into paintings

1. BeCasso

BeCasso is one of the best apps for anybody that wants their picture turned into a painting.

The photo to painting app has many tools that allow you to create stunning art pieces from any image on your phone and transform them into unique, high-resolution artwork.

For example, you can choose between dozens of styles of famous artists or use color filters to set the mood.

BeCasso uses a powerful combination of neural networks, artificial intelligence, and artistic photo filters to transform pictures into high-resolution paintings. It can turn images into any artwork instantly, even without an internet connection.

Furthermore, the app allows you to create canvas prints, postcards, and posters with its integrated printing service.

BeCasso is available on iOS for free but also offers in-app purchases for specific tools.

2. Brushstroke

Brushstroke is an iOS app that can transform snaps and photo albums into beautiful paintings.

The application allows you to edit, sign, and share your artwork on social media or print it in the best quality canvas prints.

Furthermore, the app has a feature that allows you to pick the right frame and size of your painting, have it printed and delivered to your doorstep.


Brushstroke has lots of features that make it a perfect photo to painting app. It has many painting styles and allows you to experiment with different color palettes.

You can also adjust your painting to get the best look, select from several canvases and surfaces, and sign it to personalize it.

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Brushstroke is free for iOS but has a premium option that costs $3.99.

3. GoArt

GoArt is a photo editing app with lots of artistic filters. It uses artificial intelligence technology to change pictures into artistic works within a few simple steps.

Furthermore, you can use the application to create NFT artwork and sell it online.

GoArt converts your photos to outstanding paintings because of its multiple style features. You can choose from styles such as impressionism, sketches, ukiyoe, Van Gogh, and more.

You can also export your HD pictures with 8MB and print your artwork on any surface or canvas.

GoArt is free for iOS and Android but also has in-app purchases for advanced features.

4. Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

Insta Toon is one of the best apps that have features to help you turn your pictures into paintings and trendy pieces of art.

You can use it to convert photos to canvas paintings instantly by creating eye-catching artworks of any image around you.

The application has many artistic styles that give you many options for turning any picture into what you want.

For example, you can change the texture and tone of your art or experiment with advanced control options to get an impressive result.

Apart from converting images to artwork, you can also use Insta Toon to turn pictures into cartoons as well as save your art as a GIF, live photo, or video.

Insta Toon is only available on iOS for free and offers in-app purchases for advanced features.

5. Painnt – Pro Art Filters

Painnt Pro Art Filters is one of the most advanced mobile apps for turning pictures into paintings.

It uses artificial intelligence to improve your pictures into art with many customizable high-definition filters.

The app has over 1,000 filters, including modern and abstract mosaics, with several color palettes and sharp brush strokes.

When using Painnt, you can preview your creations and fine-tune some settings to ensure you get the best results. You can also render your paintings in high resolution and save or share your work once you finish it.

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The Painnt Pro Art Filters is free for both iOS and Android devices but with limits. You can remove the limits through an in-app subscription.

6. Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Photo Lab is both a picture and art editor. It has a vast collection of stylish and classic photo effects, including frames, animations, montages, and filters to convert your images into works of art.

The app will make your pictures look creative by giving you over 50 neural art styles. Furthermore, its built-in photo editor has all the tools you may need, including color adjustment.

Photo Lab Picture
Image: PhotoLab

Photo Lab has an intuitive interface that makes editing photos seamless.

Its AI-powered technology lets you replace backgrounds, apply collages for multiple effects, and get makeover options for different sections of an image, including eyes or hair color change.

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art is available for free on iOS and Android stores and comes with a subscription option of $19.99 per year.

7. Picsart

Picsart is both a photo and video editor app for mobile devices. It allows you to create professional-level designs, stickers, and collages and display or share them.

Furthermore, the app has many filters like Y2K and retro VHS that you can apply to an image to make it look outstanding.

Picsart also allows you to create art and illustrations from scratch by giving you a blank canvas.

It has a drawing tool that offers lots of features, including customizable brushes and layers. Also, it has magic effects that can turn your images into cartoons.

Picsart is available for Android and iOS for free and for a premium price through a subscription.

8. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a photo-editing app that can turn pictures into paintings in just a few steps.

The app uses artificial intelligence technology to enhance an image, process it, and apply the looks of painters like Mondrian and Van Gogh.

Currently, the app offers a wide selection of artistic features to work on any picture.

For example, it has a colored sky feature that works well with landscapes and curly hair to work on pictures with faces.

Furthermore, you can adjust the strength of any filter you are currently working with to achieve multiple effects.

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Once you apply an art filter to your photos, the app enhances your results using an image enhancement tool.

Prisma Photo Editor is available for free and through a subscription on Android and iOS devices. You can also get a PC version that comes with additional features for about $40.

9. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editor that allows you to enhance pictures and apply digital filters.

The app has filters and tools like healing, brush, perspective, and structure that you can use to convert your photos into any artwork.

Moreover, you can use it to achieve any results, including correcting the pose of portraits, adding focus to the eyes and face-specific lighting, and smoothening the skin.


Snapseed also lets you blend two photos to achieve double exposure and go retro using light leaks, scratches, and film styles.

You can use its grainy film feature to make your images look modern or go with a vintage style. Finally, you can add a frame, save your art, or share it on social media.

Snapseed is available for Android and iOS devices for free.

10. Waterlogue

Waterlougue is the best app for converting your photos to look like a watercolor painting.

It is an app that can capture the essence of your pictures into brilliant, liquid colors and allow you to create luminous watercolor images on your phone instead of painting them.

You can use the app to create beautiful, high-resolution art that you can frame and display on any wall. The app comes with many pre-set styles that allow you to customize your watercolors.

Furthermore, it makes things easier for you by giving you examples of images that you can start with for inspiration.

Waterlogue is only available on iOS devices at a subscription fee of $3.99.

Which are your favorite apps to turn pictures into paintings?

There you have it. These are the best apps to turn pictures into paintings.

Choose what works for you and is compatible with your preferred devices, such as Android, iOS, and PC.

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