Memu Player stuck at 59% or 99%? Here’s a fix

Tim Vickers

Do you wish you could run Android apps on your PC? Well, there is a way to do it.

Even with a device that does not operate on Android OS, you can run your favorite apps on your computer, and enjoy a better user experience, all thanks to Android emulators.

The emulators create a virtual environment on the host device (the PC), which is designed to run on the Android operating system.

This allows you to download, install, and launch Android apps from your Windows or Mac PC. One of the top emulators that you can find on the internet is Memu Player.

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Memu is popular with gaming fans due to its ease of use, and the superior gaming experience it offers.

However, like all software, it is prone to a number of issues, which can sour your experience. One of the top issues is where Memu Player gets stuck at 59 or 99%.

Luckily, there are several solutions that can help solve the problem.

Causes of Memu Player stuck error during installation

Below, we have compiled information on the common reason for this issue as well as top solutions to help fix it.

1. A bug

Like all applications, especially those working on the Android environment, Memu is prone to bug problems.

Therefore, one of the most likely reasons for the application getting stuck is a bug.

There are a number of fixes for this issue, starting with closing the launcher (or killing it on the task manager) and then re-starting it.

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For the best results, try creating a new process with Multi-Memu (for simultaneous app launching).

If the bug problem was small, the restart will help to fix it.

However, if the problem persists, you will need to remove the application and download and install a fresh and up-to-date version of the app from a verified source.

2. Incompatible graphics cards and/or outdated graphics drivers

Graphics cards and device issues are another top reason for Memu being stuck at 59% error.

When the error occurs, you should first make sure that the graphics driver is up-to-date, and both the card and driver are compatible with the emulator.

Memu Player system requirements dictate OpenGL 2.0 or higher for the graphics cards or drivers.

3. Slow performance due to too many apps

One of the most common reasons for Memu being stuck at 99% has to do with the slow performance of your PC due to running too many apps with your emulator.

The slow performance can also occur if your computer hardware specifications are low and/or if the hardware virtualization (VT) is not enabled.

To fix the issue, you can start by closing the Memu launcher and restarting the session.

If the issue persists, you can check to make sure that hardware virtualization is enabled on your device, and if not, enable it.

You can enable virtualization by entering into the Bios settings when your device is starting (the virtualization settings are located in the “Advanced” tab for AMD processor devices and “Security” for Intel devices).

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4. Corrupted data files

Another reason why Memu can get stuck at 59 or 99% is if there are some corrupted resource files.

This is usually the case if there was a problem with Memu app installation, say, for example, power failure or OS crash. Data corruption can also occur if Memu failed to install properly.

There are a number of fixes for this issue, starting with restarting the application (by creating a new session with Multi-Memu). If the issue is minor, the restart will usually work.

However, for major data corruption issues, the best course of action is to remove the application and install it afresh.

To prevent any other Memu player issues, make sure that you install the latest version of the software, downloaded from a verified Memu Player source.

5. Conflict with firewall and/or antivirus software

Another reason why Memu can fail to start is if there is a conflict with your PC’s antivirus software and/or firewall features.

This problem is quite common when you are using advanced anti-virus software such as Kaspersky and Avast, or if your firewall applications are too strict.

To fix the issue, close the Memu session, deactivate the antivirus/firewall, disconnect your device from the internet, and then start a new Memu session.

Once the app is working, you can re-activate the antivirus/firewall and restore internet access.

Is the Memu app player is not responding when trying to launch it? This is a common problem that you might experience from time to time.

Luckily, the above are some of the best solutions that can help to easily fix the issue, allowing you to continue enjoying Memu.

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However, if none of these solutions work, you can get additional help by contacting Memu’s online support team.


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