Top 5 apps similar to iTube for Android and iOS

Tim Vickers

iTube is one of the best applications for playing YouTube videos. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the ability to watch YouTube content offline.

The app works by caching information to allow you to open any file without loading it again.

While iTube has great features, the app is not available on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, users who download the APK file have noticed that Google Play Protect blocks its installation.

That can be disappointing if you have used the application before. But are there other apps like iTube you can use?

There are several apps you can use for the same purposes. Since some users are unable to get iTube for Android, the following are five alternatives they can use.

1. AudioTube


AudioTube allows you to download and stream music for free. The application has a feature called low traffic mode.

It is a handy option that you can use to continue listening to music even if you have a limited data connection.

If you turn off your display or switch between apps, you will still listen to your favorite songs through the app.

AudioTube is one of the best apps like iTube that cache songs. It is also an alternative to YouTube.

2. MxTube

It is one of the many music apps like iTube for Android that allows you to watch YouTube content. You can use it to add videos to a specified folder. Also, it offers excellent features like:

  • Switching video quality to 240, 360, 720, or 1080p
  • Advanced search for channels and videos
  • Playing videos in the background
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MxTube also features closed captioning support, access to your YouTube account, and search for videos based on your region.

3. NewPipe

NewPipe is an app that gives you a simpler way of watching videos on YouTube. You will get the original experience of the video-sharing website on your mobile device.

The advantage is you will not get questionable permissions or annoying ads when using the application.

With NewPipe, you are getting an open-source application that is excellent for search and browsing features. It allows you to download videos on your device to watch later. You will also be able to view videos in high resolution.

4. Flytube


It is an app you can use to convert a complete YouTube catalog to your music library. You can open any video in a floating window and move it anywhere you want on your smartphone screen.

Also, you can put the window in the background as you continue doing other tasks on your phone. Even when you lock the screen, your video will continue playing.

5. OGYouTube

The app allows you to download your favorite music in lower quality or HD. You can use it to get files and save them for later use. When you download a video, you will be able to watch it offline.

As one of the many apps like iTube cache, OGYouTube can also act as a music player for streaming content in the background.

Many apps like iTube allow you to stream videos offline. You will also be able to save music files and listen to them when you have locked your smartphone screen.

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The applications do not have ads something that can be annoying when streaming YouTube content.

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