3 best apps to watch Hong Kong dramas in 2024

Lillie Spikes

Hong Kong dramas and movies have continuously gained popularity over the years, notwithstanding that most of this content is unavailable for viewers outside Asia.

Therefore, most Hong Kong drama lovers have been forced to rely on online streaming to continue enjoying their favorite content.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 top-notch apps and websites where you can find the newest Hong Kong dramas for free.

Most of these sites offer Hong Kong movies with English subtitles so that language does not become a barrier.

1. aDrama

aDrama app

aDrama is one of the best places to watch Hong Kong dramas online. The app has over 6,000+ HD video content.

In addition, many features are availed to help users find their favorite Hong Kong movies among other shows.

For example, you can use the year to find a certain video you want to watch. You can use Voice Search to find a movie on your phone or smart TV.

Another great feature of this app is that it works on Android and iOS devices. So you can access your favorite Hong Kong shows from anywhere.

As an aDrama user, you can either go with the free account with ads or opt for the subscription plan.

When you subscribe, you will enjoy the full benefits. They include ad-free movies, full HD and premium movies, the ability to record shows, and the option to download for offline viewing.

There’s also an option to purchase or rent the newest movies from cinemas.

2. YouTube


YouTube, one of the world’s largest video collection hubs, is a safe and secure place to watch all your Hong Kong dramas online.

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With the YouTube app, you can watch free Hong Kong TV series and movies with English subtitles using the caption feature.

YouTube also has a very easy-to-use interface that requires you to just signup with a free account. 

The best part is that YouTube is available on Android and iOS devices and any other gadget that can access the internet. You can therefore watch your favorite Hong Kong dramas anywhere in the world.

You’ll also get to enjoy many other features that enhance the user’s experience, such as the save-to-watch later features. There is also the save to my list feature, where you can create your playlist, and the autoplay automatically plays the next video in line.

3. KissAsian

KissAsian app

KissAsian is designed for the Hong Kong drama lovers who want to discover all the latest shows. This app allows you to catch all the HK dramas and movies online with English subtitles.

Users can also request their favorite movies and series via the live chat movie request feature. They will then be sent a downloadable link on their telegram app, where they can click the file to download and start watching.

KissAsian delivers a personalized experience for users when choosing what to watch. Besides, it is a great option for watching Hong Kong dramas offline. it is available on iOS and Android.


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