Fix Sinemia app not working in a few easy steps

Tim Vickers

Sinemia app has established itself as one of the leading movie theater subscription service. Users enjoy a set of movies per month by paying a set fee.

However, lately the app has been faced with a load of issues. Many subscribers are crying foul over a number of issues. The key complain among subscribers is Sinemia refund.

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Users also experience problems when they try to cancel advance ticket. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you get the full value of your Sinemia app subscription.

Step 1: Upgrade your system

Sinemia Canada users mainly faced the issue of check-in not working. This and other problems such as Sinemia Card less declined are part of a technical error that the app developers are working on a permanent fix. These issues affect users that have devices with iOS 7 or lower.

The named platforms have reported error which have acknowledged by the application support team. For anyone facing the issue they should consider getting a device that runs on a higher android version. This will provide an immediate fix.

Step 2: Withdraw your card details

This is recommended for users who have an issue with charging processing fee. If your Sinemia account terminated ensure you also withdraw your bank details to avoid being charged.

This is because in the event the app is closing, they still have your bank details they could still run the subscription and charge you. Contact your bank and make sure your block Sinemia app from extracting payment from your account. Your card details will be withdrawn for the app’s database leaving your funds safe.

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Step 3: Cancel your subscription

If you continue being unpleased with Sinemia services you can cancel the subscription and perform a chargeback. For you to be able to do this make sure you cancel any advance ticket and then initiate the chargeback from your bank.

This will allow you to get Sinemia refund. After cancelling the subscription, you should also clear your banking details. Make sure your main credit account is not listed as the primary card on your Sinemia profile.  This Reddit post from an angry user indicates that it isn’t straightforward to get a refund from Sinemia.

Step 4: Find an alternative

With all the issues facing Sinemia you may well start looking for a suitable movie ticketing alternative. Ensure you withdraw your card details and cancel the subscription before selecting a new one.

Ensure you find a new service that provides a trial period to check the quality of delivery before committing. When selecting a new service go for a provider that has operated for a considerable amount of time to avoid being swindled.


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