Amazon package has been delivered to the wrong address? Fix

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It can infuriate you to know a package that you have been eagerly expecting from Amazon got delivered to the wrong address.

It’s even more confusing when you receive an Amazon package you don’t remember ordering.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes to orders made on Amazon. In this article, you will learn what to do if your Amazon package got shipped to the wrong address.  

There are several instances where a package may end up at the wrong address, and for each, there is an action that can you can take to ensure it gets to its rightful place. 

Whether you have not received your package or got one delivered to you without making an order, the immediate thing you need to do is contact Amazon about a missing package.

Depending on the circumstance, other actions you can take are:

  • Request for a refund
  • Confirm with your neighbors if they received your package
  • Change your shipping address

Before you choose what to do to an Amazon package shipped to the wrong address, first understand the circumstance in which that happened. 

Common reasons for an Amazon package to be delivered to the wrong address

These are some of the most common reasons why Amazon may deliver to the wrong address:

1. You recently relocated

If you moved to a new location and failed to update your new address, they could deliver your package at your previous location.

It also applies when you move to a new residence, and the previous tenants are still using their old address on Amazon.

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2. Incorrect address

You may have mistyped the street name or apartment number. In such instances, they may have delivered the packages to a neighboring house. 

3. Dispatch error

Sometimes, the courier service might confuse or misread the address and deliver your package elsewhere. It mostly happens if a third-party courier service is doing the delivery.

Be keen to check if Amazon is shipping to you directly or using a third-party service. 

Now that you know how an Amazon package ends up in the wrong place, here’s what you should do next. 

What to do when an Amazon package is delivered to the wrong address

wrong package
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There are two ways to approach this situation:

For a package you ordered: 

For starters, you need to know whether your package was delivered directly through Amazon or a third-party courier service.

Amazon uses Amazon logistics for its delivery services. Any other delivery service is a third-party that you should contact if you haven’t received your package.

If you have not received your package within 2-3 working days from the day you ordered, contact Amazon about a missing package.

If Amazon’s order says delivered, but you have not received it, track it using the Track Your Package feature on their site. It helps you know the status of your order. 

After contacting the customer support team and Amazon says delivered but you have not received your package, you can check in with your neighbors to see if they dropped it off at their place.

You can also check around the delivery area to see if they left the package in the garage, porch, or any other accessible place in case you were away. 

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If all this is becoming frustrating and following up is getting on your nerves, you can ask for a refund.

You can do this by calling Amazon customer support and explaining that you would like a refund. You can also report a problem with the order from your account, then request a refund. 

If Amazon keeps delivering to the wrong address, verify the shipping address as you place your order to avoid confusion during delivery.

You also need to update your location address if you moved to a new place. 

For a package you did not order: 

Contact Amazon’s customer support and request a return on the package. If they don’t pick it up, it can stay in your possession till either the recipient or Amazon reaches out. 

You can contact the recipient and inform them about their package if it has their contact details.

If Amazon keeps delivering to the wrong address, visit your local postal inspector to inform them the person moved from that address.

How to avoid delivery to the wrong address

It is better to avoid wrong address delivery than to go through the hassle of dealing with an already delivered package at the incorrect address. You can do this by:

  1. Verifying your address while placing an order – Ensure the address filled is the correct one with no mistypes. 
  2. Cancel orders with the wrong address – Once you realize the address is incorrect, cancel the order to avoid delivery to the wrong location.
  3. Track your package – Be aware of the status of your order from the time you order till delivery. 
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Handling an Amazon package delivery at the wrong address is simple, depending on the situation. It’s always best you contact Amazon’s customer support or the courier service for help.

To avoid wrong address delivery, always verify your address as you place your order. It is also good that you track your package to ensure safe and timely delivery at your preferred address. 

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