Why does my Amazon order say payment revision is needed?

Jason Breton

When you place an order on Amazon, the online retailer contacts the issuing bank to confirm the validity of your payment method.

Your bank then reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorization expires, but that is not an actual charge.

The bank will hold funds in your account until the order ships. However, you may encounter an issue whereby Amazon sends you a message requesting payment revision.

So, what does payment revision needed on Amazon mean?

A payment revision needed message means that the bank has declined your payment. Thus, your transaction was incomplete, and no charge has occurred on your account.

The purpose of requesting a review is to protect your security and privacy. That means your bank cannot give Amazon information about why it declined your payment.

There may be other reasons why you are getting the Amazon payment revision needed for prepaid card notice, including;

  • Your payment failed.
  • You have not allowed your transaction to go through.
  • The connection between Amazon and your bank failed because of technical reasons.
  • You have not updated your Amazon account.
  • You may have changed your payment card or interrupted the payment process. 

How to resolve credit card getting declined

Luckily, you can resolve credit card getting declined or payment review by doing several things:

card getting declined on Amazon
Image: Unsplash/Pickawood

1. Retry a declined payment

You can resolve credit card getting declined or payment revision by doing the following;

  • Check whether you have exceeded your credit limit.
  • Check to ensure you have entered the correct credit card number, credit card expiration date, billing address. Also, ensure you have entered your phone number in the Your Account section.
  • If you have purchased an item outside of your usual spending range, your bank will block the transactions. Because of security concerns, a payment revision will be necessary.
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Your issuing bank may also have specific policies regarding electronic or internet purchases. If they decline your payment, you will have to contact customer support for further assistance. 

If the above has not happened, consider retrying the declined payment. Here is what you should do;

Once you are at the Your Orders section, you have many options to consider. Ideally, try completing the order using a different payment method. Here is what you should do;

  • Select Change Payment Method. You will find the option next to the order you want to modify.
  • Select another payment method from your account. Alternatively, submit a new card number.
  • Once done, select Confirm.
  • Select Retry Payment Method next to the order to retry the purchase using your current payment method

2. Ensure you have enough funds in your bank account

Check your bank account balance. If it is not enough to complete the payment, consider topping up the amount.

An insufficient balance is one of many primary reasons why Amazon payments get declined.

3. Check your credit limit

If you are purchasing the item on credit, check to ensure it has not exceeded your credit limit. Also, if it is beyond your daily cash withdrawal, your bank will decline the purchase.

Consider adjusting your credit limit or contact your issuing bank for more assistance.

4. Check your payment details

If Amazon cannot authorize your checking account for payment before they prepare the order for delivery, they will send you an email with instructions for correcting the issue.

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If you do not receive the email and your item has not arrived, do the following;

  • Go to Your Account
  • Verify that the payment information you have entered is correct.
  • Confirm that you have listed a 10-digit phone number on the billing address. Amazon will only allow you to use the last two digits of the account number.

If the information you provided is correct and you have listed a valid phone number on the billing address, then the decision to request payment revision was because of the details supplied by TeleCheck Services.

In this case, do the following;

  • Call TeleCheck at 1-800-964-9490 for more information.
  • Select another payment method for your order.

You can also change your order information by updating your shipping address, payment method, and more.

amazon shipping
Image: Unsplash/Andrew Stickelman

If you get the message Amazon payment revision needed but shipped, it means your payment has gone through. All you have to do is to go to your account and check your balance.

Amazon will have deducted the price of the item from your balance.


When Amazon sends a payment revision needed message, it means your issuing bank has declined the transaction.

It could also mean you have insufficient balance to complete the purchase. Another reason could be you have provided incorrect billing information.

Resolve this by retrying the rejected request. You could also use a different payment method to purchase the item.

But if you get payment revision needed notice and receive the order, it means Amazon has already deducted the amount from your account.

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