How to activate Global Cash Card [and check balance]

Tim Vickers

The Global Cash Card (GCC) is a perfect and reliable option to process paychecks. The card creates an ideal system for employees to get funds without compromising the cash transfer’s security.

You can also check your balance easily — both for cardholders and corporate clients.

What bank is Global Cash Card with? Although MetaBank manages GCC, you can withdraw money on eight ATM networks.

You can also shop with the card anywhere without overcharges. The usability of the card is supposed to give you the freedom to use and access funds quickly.

How to activate Global Cash Card

When you get your Global Cash Card from your employer, you cannot use it without activating it.

The policy is an added security layer to ensure that your funds will still be safe if the card gets into the wrong hands.

Fortunately, GCC has a secure and straightforward process of activating cards.

To activate the card:

  • Go to the GCC activation page
  • Click Yes to confirm you have a card
  • Verify the card details
  • Set up login details (username and password).

Once you have activated your Global Cash Card, you need to set a PIN. Call customer service (at 1-866-395-9200) for directions on activating it.

Also, you can change the PIN without charges by calling customer service with the same number.

How to check the balance on your Global Cash Card?

Before using the Global Cash Card at any store or ATM, you should check the available funds to avoid declining or attracting deductions in your future deposits.

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Here are 4 methods for checking the balance on your Global Cash Card.

1. Through your online personal account

Apart from keeping all the card transactions, the GCC online account shows the card’s available balance. This balance-checking option is free and fast compared to others.

To check card balance on your online account:

  • Go to the Global Cash Card login page.
  • Put your username and password.
  • Click ‘Login.’
  • If the details are correct, you can see the card amount.

If the website is sluggish, try after some minutes or check the next options. Alternatively, call GCC customer care and report the incident.

2. Using a two-way text service

Global Cash Card has text command options for all cardholders. Apart from checking transactions, you can send BAL (as text) to 28547 to receive the account balance.

However, to use this command option:

  • Activate the two-way text service on your online personal account
  • The GCC site will send a code
  • Submit the code to confirm your number

Once you have successfully linked your GCC account with your phone, you can check your balance anytime.

If you are no longer interested in the two-way text service, you can send STOP (as a text) to 28547.

3. By enabling card alerts (by email and text messages)

Enabling card alerts is one of the best ways to know when there are cash loads and low balances.

While card alerts may not give you a specific figure of how much money is available on your card, they are ideal is avoiding decline charges.

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To enable text and email alerts:

  • Login to your GCC account
  • Go to settings
  • Enable alerts

While the email alerts are free, the texts have standard charges. In case you want to disable the card alerts, you can change the settings on your GCC online account.

4. Call 888-220-4477

You can call 888-220-4477 and follow the prompts to check the card balance. Unlike the other three options, you must verify card ownership by stating the card details.

Since it is a lengthy process, it should be the last option.

Does the Global Cash Card have an app? Although apps are ideal for checking card balances, GCC does not have an app yet.

However, you can achieve more with the four options highlighted above regarding monitoring card balance and crosschecking the card transactions.

Wrapping up

The Global Cash Card is one of the best cards. With online and offline options, the card gives you unlimited access to your funds.

Also, regardless of your preferred balance checking option, the GCC services are safe, thanks to multiple security layers on cards and online profiles.

Hopefully, you have managed to activate your Global Cash Card using the above tips.


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