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Wells Fargo credit card sample

How to activate Wells Fargo credit card

If you applied for the Wells Fargo credit card and the application was approved, congratulations. You are now part of the fourth biggest bank in the USA (based on market capitalization). You can now do transactions in more than 6,000 bank branches across the country, and more importantly, you can withdraw money in over 13,000 ATMs across the world.  However, before using the card, you must first activate it. 3 ways to activate Wells Fargo credit card There are three ...

Global Cash card

How to activate Global Cash Card [and check balance]

The Global Cash Card (GCC) is a perfect and reliable option to process paychecks. The card creates an ideal system for employees to get funds without compromising the cash transfer’s security. You can also check your balance easily — both for cardholders and corporate clients. What bank is Global Cash Card with? Although MetaBank manages GCC, you can withdraw money on eight ATM networks. You can also shop with the card anywhere without overcharges. The usability of the card is supposed ...

Horizon Outlet card

How to activate your Horizon Outlet card [and check balance]

A higher credit score unlocks endless financial opportunities. But it is hard to rebuild the score after a series of financial slip-ups. Fortunately, having a Horizon card can help you rebuild score again and enjoy other credit services. What is a Horizon Card? This is a card that allows you to make purchases on credit on the Horizon Outlets while rebuilding your low credit score. Once you have created an account on Horizon Outlet and applied for a card (after reading ...